Chinese Weight Loss From the personalized start

Exercise, diet, . These are all accustomed to using the method of obesity. However, in the Chinese view, with obesity, but very different syndromes, such as obesity and adolescent obesity is not the same as the elderly, youth obesity, mostl

Exercise, diet, . These are all accustomed to using the method of obesity. However, in the Chinese view, with obesity, but very different syndromes, such as obesity and adolescent obesity is not the same as the elderly, youth obesity, mostly solid fat, while the elderly were more puffiness, a virtual one real, very different treatment programs, "individual-based weight-loss" is precisely the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight.

Belong to the phlegm obese physique

Experts State professor believes that obese people are physical phlegm, phlegm disorders from organs such as stomach disorders, liver and gallbladder disorders, they can lead to physical metabolic disorders, pathological product can not be promptly eliminated from the body, thus demonstrating partial Body fat, chest tightness, multi - Khan and sticky, and body weight bad mood and other symptoms.

Organs dysfunction caused by obesity roughly grouped into four categories. One stomach heat type, manifested as stomach digestive functions very good, strong appetite, absorption and good. Solid fat such as to young people and most types of prime-age adult. Second, spleen deficiency type, manifested as skin color white minimalist of the puffiness, these people consciously physically heavy, lazy activities, so more and more fat to postpartum obesity, mostly light-manual workers, especially those living affluent, very few women in the activities of . Third, qi stagnation type, manifested as emotional instability, hunger and meal eat dinner, always eat too much, or even merge with depression. Life stress, low emotional intelligence are most vulnerable. Fourth, liver and kidney deficiency type, the liver is a metabolic organ, while the kidney and hormone secretion, once the liver and kidney disorders, metabolism would slow down, and thus weight gain, such obesity, often combined with hypertension, and degenerative arthritis, disease, in order to menopausal women or in the older crowd.

Obesity to prescribe the right remedy

Experts believe that Fang Feng Tong Sheng San more suitable for patients with stomach heat-type, which consists of wind, ephedra, Nepeta, mint and other drug composition of Variorum table, diarrhea, heat all in one smooth flow of perspiration can be, diuretic, diarrhea channels, "wiping out" the body food product, such as toxic hot and humid. However, where rhubarb, Glauber's salt, herbal ephedra more vigorous, and never be too fast and indiscriminate use, as well as, gastrointestinal tract are bad people who are not suitable for use.

Tetrandrae Zhang Zhongjing Astragalus Decoction from the "Golden Chamber", the drug used for spleen deficiency obese, by Menispermaceae, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Sunburn licorice, ginger, jujube and other drug composition, there is Spleen Qi, Lee water swelling effect. Can obesity strong muscles, the body becomes light, but also to eliminate knee pain and lower limb swelling.

From the "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" big Bupleurum soup, can be used for qi stagnation of the obese patients, most of whom from Bupleurum Chai Hu Tang, Huang Cen, white peony root, jujube, ginger composition, there are real hot tapping diarrhea enterohepatic function. Da Cheng Qi Tang has a similar effect.

Suitable for use in patients with liver and kidney deficiency type, etc. Zhibai Dihuang Wan yin tonic medicines. It consists of Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, Rehmannia glutinosa, Cornus officinalis, Cortex Moutan, Chinese yam, Poria, Alisma other drugs, has a role in Ziyin heat, but does not apply Deficiency patients as demonstrated in its stand the cold, hand, foot and cold, joy hot drinks.

Chinese medicine also has side effects weight loss

Decoction of Chinese medicine for weight loss there are many, such as "Hui Gui gan soup," "Nine taste Decoction", "GFW", "Maren Pills" "lotus leaf powder" and so on. Obese physical condition is more complicated, and sometimes also associated with other syndromes need to program two or three drugs used in conjunction in order to improve the curative effect.

Weight Loss Chinese medicine also has side effects, often in out-patient admissions to the number of those who take herbal medicine to lose weight because of excessive weight loss, resulting in reduced body immunity. It turned out that traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss, most of the nature of cold, long-term use can trigger physiological functions of imbalance, it is best not to arbitrarily take to drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

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