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These anti-aging food quickly eat

The most love of the face of the anti - aging food: butter fruitFace, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne...... The various problems of the face can directly reflect the degree of aging. Protect the cheek should eat avocado or avocado. Avocado is a

Gastric ulcer is easy to turn into gastric cancer?

Gastric ulcer is a disease of the stomach is a serious disease, patients often worry about whether gastric ulcer will develop into cancer because of the traditional concept that stomach ulcer prone to malignant transformation into cancer. In

How to help you reduce wrinkles

Method: sleeping on the backWhen every day you are lying on the side of the bed, your face and your chin would it is likely to have wrinkles; and when you face down to sleep, the eyebrows would frowning. So as to reduce wrinkles, it is best

Embrace 4 times a day to help lower blood pressure

Embrace can improve the quality of life, so that life is always in a happy. According to Spain's "national newspaper" reported that many years engaged in the study of the elderly health care expert Alberto through the study found that the el

How to improve the eye fine lines of a woman

Eyes are women enchanting charm of a beautiful landscape, and eye ministry microgroove mercilessly exposed women age secret, even let a person look a little old-fashioned. Whenever we make a little exaggerated facial expressions, fine lines

Embrace the magic power of the elderly

Many old people have such experience: when children gently hold you, when the grandson and granddaughter kiss you on the cheek, when his wife took your hand, any depressed mood will come to naught, in the heart is full of a sense of security

Natural lowering blood lipid food

1, eggplant Eggplant contains a variety of vitamins, especially purple eggplant contain more vitamin P, can enhance the cell adhesion, improve micro vascular elasticity. Medical research shows that eggplant can reduce cholesterol, but also t

Woman drink soy milk or milk good?

Drink soy milk woman and drink milk every aspect of the woman, but want to be healthy, beautiful no dead, milk and milk together to drink only the best! Look at their differences. You understand. A woman drinking milk 1 women who drink soy m

Peanut helps prevent colon cancer

1, control appetite. Peanut is high food, can make you feel more satisfied, or full time longer. Published in the journal Nutrition and metabolism, an article in the journal found that people who ate less when the snacks of peanuts. Purdue U

Drink orange juice to help lower blood pressure?

Orange juice can help lower blood pressure A new study in the American Journal of clinical nutrition published a new study found that drinking two glasses of orange juice every day can also reduce blood pressure and reduce heart disease. Thi

How to diet enhance immunity

Drink boiled water Studies have shown that the white water on the human body's metabolism has a very ideal physiological role. Water is readily absorbed through the cell membrane, so as to enhance the activity of lactate dehydrogenase in the

Vitamin pills are no substitute for Vegetable & Fruit, natural food is the best choice

Nutrition experts have pointed out that natural food is the best choice for vitamin supplements. In addition, a of abroad clinical study showed that continuous eating jujube patients, health recovery than simply eat vitamin preparations for

Hypoglycemia will also increase the risk of cerebral infarction

Glycosylated hemoglobin can show blood glucose status in the last 3 months, it is not affected by fasting blood, blood, blood and blood glucose concentration is proportional to the concentration, is one of the criteria for the diagnosis of d

3 small way to ease the baby's nose

3 small way to ease the baby's nose How to ease the baby's nose? If the baby is stuffy, you can try the following ways: 1, hot compress If it is only a stuffy nose, there is no obvious discharge. Can be to rub the hands together, so that the

Health care massage treatment of hair loss

Chinese often say good kidney UFA, the black food has the effects of Tonifying the kidney function, long-term consumption of Polygonum multiflorum, black beans and other food can play a good kidney UFA effect, also can cooperate to massage,

Effects and functions of white plum blossom

We have a sweet scented osmanthus, jasmine, orchid, you have to listen to the white plum? Believe all back poetry friends, must have heard that Lu you when the plum, Lu You of the plum praise is very high, noble, pure, is his feelings on the

What is the cause of sudden death?

Sudden death, the term for a lot of people are not unfamiliar, even panic, which is refers to the sudden death in unintended, under normal circumstances, judge death time standard death within 1 hour after the onset. In recent years, the sud

How to determine the baby constipation

Because of constipation caused by difficult defecation often make the baby crying and pain. Baby why can constipation? Baby constipation and how should do? These problems have plagued the young mothers. How to determine whether the baby cons

What meat is the most suitable for diabetic person to eat?

Animal meat is rich in protein, fat and B vitamins, can provide essential amino acids, fatty acids, inorganic salts and vitamins. These nutrients are also very important for people with diabetes, in particular, the quality of the meat to bri

Male infertility diagnosis need to do check

Male infertility due to it is not an independent disease, pathogenesis is complex and diverse, so male infertility diagnosis process is very complicated, for infertile patients. It is also the most important link, so infertile patients in th

7 kinds of food that are often discarded are good for health

In daily life, we used to throw away the many believe useless things, such as watermelon peel, orange peel, melon seeds, broccoli leaves... We must not think that these are not used oh. If the next time you throw away, then you Bo Tim Tin Ma

For pregnant women how to eat fruit?

Banana Pregnant women eat bananas in 1 Daily Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, and there will be rich in folic acid and folic acid in vivo and folinic acid and vitamin B6 storage is to ensure that fetal neural tube normal develop

Dietary care principles of anti sexual dysfunction

1, multi food quality protein. All kinds of animal food, such as chicken, duck, fish, eggs and so on, contain a large number of high quality protein, can be put forward to produce sperm need to use a variety of amino acids. Often eat beef, m

Women who take antidepressants need to prevent fractures

The latest research at the Northeastern University in Boston, the United States, found that women's menopause women take antidepressants, fracture risk may increase, need to pay attention to prevention. The researchers analyzed data on more

Get rid of sadness of the 10 psychological skills

1, to the happiness of specific Imagine your future, at least emotionally, to prepare for the future. If you use this trick, you will find happiness. 2, a little time Take time to strengthen the control of your time, optimize the use of time

Menstrual drink tea is easy to iron deficiency anemia

Tea is good for the health of a human body, many women have love tea habit, but if in inappropriate time to drink tea, but detrimental to health, especially for women, menstrual period is best not to drink tea. Tea contains tannic acid (tann

What is the vaginal self purification?

What is the vaginal self purification? Due to the role of vagina Gram-positive lactobacillus, glycogen vaginal epithelial cells produce lactic acid, make vaginal secretion into a weak acid can inhibit the growth of other bacteria, keep the