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Lingual thyroid

Generally believed that, ETG, including thyroid and parathyroid vagus. Currently, ETG, the definition and name of the outstanding unity. Generally believed that, ETG, including thyroid and parathyroid vagus. Thyroid in its development proce

Characteristics of goiter

In the early diagnosis depends on the symmetry of the existence of soft and smooth goitre, may have low iodine intake or consumption of substances caused by a history of goiter, but this situation does not exist in North America. Thyroid rad

Overview of goiter

Goiter, but no clinical or laboratory evidence of thyroid dysfunction, unless due to iodine deficiency goiter. Euthyroid goiter goiter is the most common plateau for. More common in adolescence, pregnancy and menopause. Many other Highland,

Classification of congenital goiter

A kind of born with congenital goiter of thyroid enlargement, with or without hypothyroidism rare thyroid disease. Often family history and the history of consanguineous marriage. Autosomal recessive inheritance. The first type of iodine tr

Prescriptions for Nourishing both Qi and Blood

Prescriptions for Nourishing both Qi and Blood Bazhen Tang (Decoction of Eight Precious Ingredients) Source: Zhengti Leiyao (Classification and Treatment of Traumatic Diseases). Ingredients : No. 1 Danggui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis ) 9 g; N

Prescriptions for Nourishing Yin

Administration. Decoct the first ingredient into ointment, which is then mixed well with the fine powder of the rest and made into boluses by adding honey; take 9 g each time and twice daily with warm boiled water or with light salty water.

Walking upright is conducive to the brain blood supply

Be conducive to walking upright whole body and brain blood return, that is, walking upright, is to let the brain get chance to rest, this position so that the work of the state of bow becomes yang sheng fa, the rise of the state precisely b

TCM Treatment of Cancer

The 21st century, cardio - cerebral vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and other diseases incidence rate continues to rise, more and more harm to humanity. Among them, in particular cancer, as the disease is a vicious turn pale at the menti

Diet on the treatment of psoriasis with affecting

World-renowned Chinese cuisine, on a global scale have a high reputation. Today, the role of diet is no longer a simple nutritional supplement, made to the medical industry, an auxiliary means of treating disease and are increasingly paying

The course of treatment of psoriasis is very important spiritual factors

Other incentive in addition to hereditary psoriasis , mainly including mental, emotional, infections, as well as climate, environment, geography and so on. So in these factors, which factor in a greater risk of the disease do? According to

Psychological treatment is the key to treatment of psoriasis

Of modern medicine clinical and experimental studies have shown that psoriasis is a physical disease, a number of psychological factors that may induce or aggravate psoriasis condition. Unfavorable factors such as heart stress, depression ,

Treatment of psoriasis must adjust their mentality

After the occurrence of psoriasis in patients with protracted process due to chronic disease psoriasis, skin lesions and the appearance of indecent talk or worry about being discriminated against and form a larger distance the psychological

How to quick treat psoriasis

In the treatment of psoriasis patients, they want to know how to treat psoriasis can be quick. The issue is also the issue of concern to many patients. In fact, for this common disease psoriasis, there are many methods to solve this problem

What are the most fruitful method of treating psoriasis?

1, to give up the past, treatment of errors, to the regular professional and a strong medical research unit of treatment, diagnosis implementation of the overall treating the symptoms. 2, eliminating the main drugs cause psoriasis, applicat

Chinese medicine medicine bath treatment of psoriasis Note

As the name suggests, medicated bath is to dissolve drugs in water, or boiled after the spoil, and then to systemic or local bath. Its main role is to: promote blood circulation, improving the in vivo oxidation process, softening the skin e

Chinese medicine Male to protect the liver of Six

TCM believes that the liver is one of the five internal organs, the Ministry of living Youxie is important and the human body's largest organ, its yin and yang in the yin yin property, also known as Jue Yin. Liver with a l-fat, hi be reache

Chinese medicine has a way to protect the liver

Chinese medicine believes that nourish the liver Liver, is basically to improve the physical environment, to maintain the normal regulatory function to clear in order to enhance the ability to combat the disease. Experts mentioned is simply

six Kinds drugs and food Protecting the liver

1, wet muddy resistance-type Patients v. pale mouth, abdominal distention, edema, sleepy, tongue Baini for wet evil troubled symptoms. Food should light, avoidance of sweet, greasy. Optional spleen wet grounds, appetizers of therapeutic sid

Western anti-viral therapy, traditional Chinese medicine to protect liver

Liver specimens with both Chinese and Western rule In recent years, Jinan, Zhongshan Hospital, Liver Diseases Branch in Jinan, liver disease is committed to promoting viral hepatitis diagnosis and treatment guidelines and become a leader in

DC Bio-immunotherapy to be done before the inspection

In an interview with DC in patients with pre-treatment of biological immune to conduct the following examinations: liver function, two pairs of semi-quantitative hepatitis B, HBV-DNA quantification of hepatitis C antibody 2 (HCV-IgM, HCV-IgG

Liver disease is not impossible see the efficacy of the treatment-DC!

【Introduction】 Some people have placed liver disease described as beasts because it is easily lead to cirrhosis of the liver, and even develop into liver cancer, but also a higher incidence of liver disease, long-term illness would threa

DC Bio-immunotherapy is technically mature, legal, security

DC Bio-immunotherapy treatment, as a mature technology already in the field of cancer treatment to be widely applied, and chronic hepatitis B DC Bio-immunotherapy therapy in the technical and methodological DC with tumor biological immunoth

DC Bio-immunotherapy to be done before the start of the examination and observation after the start

In an interview with DC in patients with pre-treatment of biological immune to conduct the following examinations: liver function, two pairs of semi-quantitative hepatitis B, HBV-DNA quantification of hepatitis C antibody 2 (HCV-IgM, HCV-Ig

DC bio-immune therapy of chronic hepatitis B to determine the efficacy of standard and therapeutic e

Determine the efficacy of the standard as follows: 1. Cured: HBV-DNA, HBsAg and HBeAg were negative, liver function to normal. 2. Better: HBV-DNA, HBsAg and HBeAg were significantly decreased or three indicators part of the overcast. 3. Inv

Chronic hepatitis B virus infection DC source of bio-immune therapy technology

The technology is completely made by our own research and development. However, in research and development process, summarize and absorbed at home and abroad in recent years, basic and clinical research experience and achievements, and to i

DC Bio-immunotherapy, the gold standard of human preferred Liver

DC originate from bone marrow of the professional antigen-presenting cells, because the surface of dendritic processes with many named, mature DC cells with an active athletic ability, no or only weak phagocytic function, the lack of glass o

DC cells ---- the most promising hepatitis B vaccine

Background: As the 21st century, the latest biotechnology and hepatitis B treatment methods - DC Bio-hepatitis B therapy with modern molecular biology, cell biology and molecular immunology and other cutting-edge science-based, comprehensiv