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Massage can also prevent colds

Winter temperatures low, indoor and outdoor temperature difference, people are very easy to catch a cold. Here are some easy methods, according to go cold. 1, Zusanli: knee now 3 inches, with a finger pushing, pushing 5 to 10 minutes; then f

Eight kinds of massage health care law

A lot of people know, before going to bed drink a cup of milk help to hypnosis, but for cow's milk allergy patients with insomnia, this trick may not play a role. Actually, life in addition some diet can improve insomnia, some sports health

Often massage Guanyuan point can be replenishing vitality

Older people easy to Yang deficiency, physical decline, leading to repeated cold, indigestion, lumbocrural pain, limbs not warm, edema, urination and a series of diseases. The elderly can every day sooner or later will be the hands overlap,

According to Zusanli anti-aging alleviate dysmenorrhea

At the point is the representative points of the stomach meridian of Foot Yangming, longevity point is also one of the most important. Zusanli in crus, when the legs bent, can be seen in the knee has a higher than the skin of small bones, wh

Daily massage and acupuncture point can relieve eye fatigue

For now working owners, often headache , insomnia, eye fatigue and so some of the symptoms , but these symptoms are due to another job factors , bad habits , etc. resulting from , so for this we should seek some of the simple and effective w

Chinese medicine massage therapy headache

Headache Introduction A headache can be both a common individual symptom and a prime indicator of various acute and chronic diseases. Headaches can have many causes. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the head is the region where all th

Traditional Chinese medicine analytic: how to massage strength is the most effective

The strength of the massage technique is a certain size limit, must accord with human body soft tissue mechanics and physiological characteristics, make massage technique USES in the human body can be formed after a benign stimulation and in

Teach you how to massage feet detoxification burning fat

We know, foot has a body each viscera reflex zones, massage and stimulate your feet corresponding reflection area, can promote local blood circulation, detoxification burning fat, lose visceral fat, reduce weight and then reach the purpose o

Self-Massage Along Meridians and Acupoints for Losing Weight

Self-massage along meridians and acupoints reduces weight mainly by stimulating local meridians and acupoints to soften and dissipate calories so as to reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and promote the metabolism and consumption of

Infantile tuina for health care is an effective method to prevent diseases

Infantile Health Care Infantile tuina for health care is an effective method to prevent diseases. In the Tang dynasty, there was a record in the great medical book-- Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold(Qianjinyaofang) written by Sun Simiao,

In the massage should pay attention to indications and contraindications

Chinese tuina is an external therapy with systematic unique rules under the guidance of the theories of yin-yang, five elements, zang-fu, meridians, qi, blood and body fluid in TCM.

Therapeutic massage therapy is relieve pain and promote relaxation and healing

Most forms of massage focus on the physical body, the energy body or combine principles of both. Massage therapies that focus more on the physical body tend to favor stroking or kneading the muscles on superficial levels, and some applied pr

Tuina (Tui Na) Introduction

Tuina (Tui Na) Introduction Tuina (Tui Na) is an Oriental Bodywork Therapy that has been used in China for 2,000 years. Tuina (Tui Na) uses the traditional Chinese medical theory of the flow of Qi through the meridians as its basic therapeut

Use Common Tuina Manipulations

Commonly Used Tuina Manipulations Tuina manipulations are the direct means of tuin therapy. There are many kinds of operating skills and various forms of movements in tuina, which include butting with the head, tramping under the foot as wel

The operational methods of massage practice

Manipulation Of Approaches Practice In order to command techniques of tuina manipulations skillfully and obtain persistent strength, it is necessary to conduct hard, attentive and serious exercises.Some manipulations, especially those with c

What is "general acupoint massage"?

General acupoint massage is a set of massage all over the body created according to long-term clinical experience and research into massage treatment. Among the large number of acupoints, the most effective ones are selected and used in corr

Massage tuina taboo

A ,diagnosis is not clear symptoms of acute spinal cord injury associated with spinal cord patients. 2, acute soft tissue injury and the local swelling in patients with severe (for example, acute foot sprain). 3, suspicious or have a clear d

Often Massage can Longevity

Modern medicine Believe , massage abdomen, abdominal and intestinal smooth muscle increases blood flow to increase the gastrointestinal wall muscle tension and lymphatic system function, so that the secretion of gastrointestinal function of

Insomnia Chinese massage therapy

Insomnia is a common disease of the elderly, generally manifested as difficulties in falling asleep, easy to wake up, wake up and then could not sleep, and in severe up at night. Relevant data show that there are more than 45% of the elderl

Self-massage treatment of insomnia

Insomnia is often not enough time to fall asleep, or difficulty falling asleep, light it difficult to fall asleep and sleep fitfully in heavy who did not sleep all night. Minds of many because of excessive labor Yat disorders, physically we

Massage to remove wrinkles

Massage can improve and increase the skin's blood circulation, so that re-tighten the skin, delaying the generation of wrinkles. Here are a set of setting-up exercises to eliminate facial wrinkles: 1. Preparatory work: the moisturizing cream

The six-step skin soothing massage methods

Pressure caused by the skin problem is not the form of a single out. Let us understand it more calmly deal with these attendant troubles. Step one: reduce the pressure His brow with the thumb finger gently pressing the top, sustained three

tuina therapy indications, contraindications

tuina therapy broader indications for orthopedic injuries, but not any injury can be done tuina therapy, massage therapy have therefore chosen to be clear before the diagnosis, were identified as indications to proceed. Indications: 1, indi

The role of tuina health

(1) to clear the meridians. If Anrou foot three years, pushing the spleen through the functions can increase the secretion of digestive juice, from the perspective of modern medicine, massage is mainly by stimulating the peripheral nerves,

tuina Precautions

(1) The mental and physical relaxation massage should focus on things other than by ideology, in particular, calm, tense body and do not require to do both physically and mentally relaxed. (2) acupoints accurately grasp the point selection

tuina The role and characteristics

1. Massage the role of health care (1) to clear the meridians. Huang Di Nei Jing, Lane said: The meridian is not working; disease was born heartless rule in order to massage, indicating the role of the meridian massage are clear. If Anrou f

Massage strength heavier better?

Many different types of massage, and its force be summed up in pressure, friction, vibration, force, tension of four. A means for the basis of a force-based, but also includes a number of other forces. Under normal circumstances, the way for