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The marvelous effect of herbal treatment for Hypotension

Normally, for the prevention and cure of hypotension in the elderly, the causes should be found at the first hand, for example, suspending to take blood pressure medicines when experiencing excessive decrease of blood pressure; or needing ti

Enriching Face Cream (external use only)

Featured: 1. Reduce the visible signs of aging skin,reduce wrinkles and lines 2. No chemical ingredient,no side efect,mild,safe and natural Ingredient: Ginseng,Rhizoma Rehmanniae Praeparata ,Rhizoma Alismatis, Poria,etc. Indications: Herba M

Skin Disease Killer (external use only) Hua tuo paste

Featured: 1. Sterilization and relieving itching 2. No chemical ingredient,no side efect,mild,safe and natural Ingredient: Camphora, Realgar, Fructus Adinae, etc. Indications: Psoriasis, different kinds of tineas, athlete's foot etc.. Action

Commonly used in prescriptions in the treatment of depression

The understanding of the depression in traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine research of modern people twittering, some think depression of traditional Chinese medicine should be blue card category, some think should is dirty impetu

Anti-aging ten kinds of Chinese traditional medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is Chinese medicine and struggle against disease, physical health of weapons. Through long-term practice, traditional Chinese medicine has found a new anti-aging benefits Chinese traditional medicine. Here, the s

Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to health

The Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to health and healing is very different from Western Medicine. In the West, when something happens we ask what we can do about it. In the East when something happens they ask what has caused it. Trad

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Remedies

Chinese herbal medicine is the major component in the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbal medicine consist of a huge collection of plants and other materials such as insects or minerals that have different effects on our body. Whe

How can Medicinal Herbal Therapy

After diagnosing a pattern of disharmony and administering acupuncture treatments, a doctor of TCM often writes an herbal formula from over a thousand common herbal formulas or from more effective traditional family formulas. Herbal medicine

Rou Cong Rong is a hardy perennial that lives mostly in dry areas and deserts

Rou Cong Rong is a hardy perennial that lives mostly in dry areas and deserts. It is sometimes referred to as the Ginseng of the desert. This title refers to its ability to act as a tonic for the body. In particular, it strengthens Kidney Y

Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Herbs

Chinese herbs are very effective in treating patients with Type II, NIDDM. When prescribed correctly, Chinese herbs lower blood glucose levels, manage common signs and symptoms, and treat the complications of diabetes mellitus. Patients gen

The Value of Herbs in the Treatment of Cancer

Of all conditions which the herbalist/traditional Chinese medical doctor may treat, cancer represents a major test of the herbal tools we have at our disposal. A common and largely accurate perception of the damaging effects of malignancy is

Medical herbalism is different from folk herbalism

Herbal Medicine Medical herbalism is different from folk herbalism. It is practiced in the context of a medical diagnosis. Of all the systems of herbalism in US, Chinese herbalism is by far the most sophisticated. It has been continuously re

Herbal Medicine tea Anti Computer Radiation

Astragalus Jasmine Tea 10 grams of astragalus, jasmine 0.5 g, plus 85 degrees C water immersion for one hour. The effects of radiation can prevent the body cycle of the computer, immune, reproductive and metabolic function, reduce the chan

Drink chrysanthemum tea not sugar

Autumn air is dry, and many people like to drink chrysanthemum tea and add rock sugar. However, experts advise, not everyone is suited to this drinking laws. Chinese medicine experts, those with allergies who like to drink chrysanthemum tea

Drink chrysanthemum tea can Reduce Pathogenic Fire

Pregnant women eating at greasy food can lead to convergence evil, causing physical discomfort, should try to avoid greasy food. When infected with wind-heat, many pregnant women are not willing to take medicine, fear of affecting the norma

Add rock sugar green tea can ease sore throat

TCM believes that the incidence of pharyngitis mainly by lung and kidney Yin Kui, Yin Huo-wang, Xuhuoshangsheng or exogenous wind-heat, heat burns the throat caused by poison. Of cold green tea, with Shengjinzhike, Qingrejiedu role; bird's-

Drink herbal tea prevent and cure diseases

Spring is influenza, hepatitis, mumps and other diseases of high period, Guangdong Province, medicated Committee Ye Zhenyu introduction, brewing herbal tea with boiling water can play a role in preventing and combating disease. From the hea

Tea's health-care function

Medicine that the tea bitter ﹑ Gan, sexual cool, and heart liver ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ kidney lung spleen ﹑ the Five Classics. Dampness can suffer diarrhea ﹑ ﹑ Jiangni, willing to replenishing relaxation, cool to heat ﹑ ﹑ Xiehuo detoxific

Memory loss of the herbal tea nursed back to health

Longan Zao Ren Tea: longan meat, fried Zaoren each 10 grams, 12 grams Gorgon. Plus the amount of drug wash water, cook together 2 times, each time for 30 minutes, juice on behalf of the tea. Spleen can soothe the nerves, brain puzzle for He

Tea to help health

Mulberry Leaf Chrysanthemum Tea dried mulberry leaves, dry chrysanthemum each 20 grams boils water, as tea-frequency service. Right temperature and evil, evil caused by the thermal heating effects are cool solution. Sang Ju Dong mulberry le

Ginger has long been considered to be a very useful food

Ginger has long been considered to be a very useful food to a variety of ways to the body. There is a body of evidence that ginger provides strong health benefits. In the Asian culture, ginger has long been used for medicinal purposes. It i

Ginseng—Herb of Chinese Medicine

In China, ginseng has been treasured since the beginning of recorded history. The Qing Dynasty in ancient China, ginseng was prized open more than gold. Ginseng is the most famous traditional Chinese medicine. It is used in Asia over 5,000

Chinese Herbs to Use

Chinese herbal medicines are used internally and externally. For both types herbs can be prepared by water or alcohol extraction, baking, boiling, frying, or grinding. External types are liniments, powders, extracts, pastes or salves, and p

Summer Essential Oils

Summer is a time of full growth, red, hot, joy, spiritual awareness and traveling. Life is at it's greatest potential in the summer. Trees, plants, grasses and seeds are now at their full peak offering up the fruits of their labor! Take a m

About Chinese Herbal Medicine

About Chinese Herbal Medicine Traditional Chinese herbal medicine consists of 5767 substances of plants, animals come and spas. The use of these substances can be traced back to 1000 BC. In recent 3000 years an incredibly rich and powerful

Chinese Herbs Acne Cure

Alternative medicine can be found all over the world, from the ancient remedies and rituals. Asian ginseng, Chinese ginseng many applications for the benefits that it can offer. Very often, China is the source of many plants are widely used

Cascara sagrada

Cascara sagrada was historically introduced to Europeans by Eli Lilly Company, who marketed Elixir Purgans, a laxative which had cascara as an ingredient along with other herbs. Cascara Sagrada is an herbal laxative that is derived from the