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Dietetic therapy prescriptions for Emperor anti-impotence with imperial doctor

The imperial doctor, who Hu Sihui for him recuperative medical care goat kidneyChinese chivegruel, goat kidney 1 pair, mutton 100g, Chinese chive 150g, gouqi30g, rice fruit 100g. goat kidney will be cut in half, cut-like nails; mutton and C

Qigong Beauty on Face and Skin

1. Children face power Method:Sit down naturally,focus on your mind,eliminate personal considerations,put your palms on knees,make the upper part of the body straight, close your eyes,make the tongue lick on the palate,do omph

In old people the benefits of practice qigong

1. Practice qigong to slow the aging of the internal organs of the human body Middle-aged organs would start aging into old age or organs disease, one of the main reasons is the blood circulation suffocate. Such as high cholesterol, blood fa

What are meridians and collaterals?

Briefly, meridians and collaterals are the passages through which qi and blood circulates. In an extensive network, they cover the entire body, interior and exterior. They transport qi and blood, regulate yin and yang of the human body, and

What is qi?

Literally,qi means air. Philosophically, qi is the prime element of the universe, according to the ancient thought. it is the changes and movement of qi that produce all the phenomena of the universe. In theories of Chinese medicine, which

what is yin-yang?

yin-yang is the basic classification of the material world in ancient Chinese thought. Everything can be assigned to either yin or yang. Yang pertains to masculine, stong, positive, upward properties, while yin pertains to feminine, weak, n

Qigong is an exercise

Qigong-cosmetology is an exercise through practice Qigong, so that to cure disease and maintain beauty. It is same as Qigong through adjustment of posture, regulating respiration, regulating mental activities to reach the purpose of exercis

Qigong is a self-training method of Psychosomatic

1, where the heart refers to the psychological, spiritual, body refers to the physical and physiological functions. As the name suggests, self-training methods is to play a psychosomatic sense of initiative, for their own spiritual, physica

Qigong What are the characteristics?

Qigong features are: This feature is mainly reflected in three aspects. (1), change from passive to active: The treatment has always been basically a doctor to examine patients, diagnosis and treatment, the patient is always in a state of p

What are the benefits of practicing Qigong

In recent years, with widespread dissemination of qigong, the practice of millions of people practice qigong further confirm our predecessors on the role of disease prevention and treatment summarized. Here's what those who practiced Qigong

was not suitable for practicing qigong

Qigong, although a good physical and mental training methods, but in practice there are often few people in practice the deviation of the process. In addition to exercise improper methods, but also to practitioners in the practice before th

Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong and Skin Care

Beauty is to use a variety of qigong qigong exercises to combat the loss of disease or capacitive Yanshuai Totale, Qingshenjianfei fitness, adding Qiyun and beautify body as a cosmetic approach. Its biggest feature is the overall concept. C

The elderly practicing qigong there is benefits

1.qigong can delay the aging human body organs Middle-aged organs begin to aging, old age or aging organs of the lesions occur in one of the main reasons is the obstruction of blood circulation. For example, high cholesterol, high blood lip

Qigong For Balancing Energy

Qigong is a somewhat controversial practice, which should have great health benefits. This, in short, a series of exercises designed to balance the energy of the human body, the very first, and finally with all creation. Inherent in this sp

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Role Of Qi

Qi not only forms the basis for the traditional medical systems of the East, but it has also influenced many parts of Eastern thought from martial arts to interior design. But whatever term you use for the concept, you are referring to the

Qigong Reduces Stress In Computer Workers

Qigong may reduce stress in computer operators, according to a study published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. According to the study, Qigong gong exercises reduce symptoms of stress by positively affecting the sympathetic

The Gentler Ways To Qigong Exercise

Many recent studies have shown that certain exercises that have originated in Asia and specifically India, can offer just as many physical and psychological health benefits as the more vigorous exercises that often dominate Western workouts

How Qigong Therapy Works

Similar to the theory of yin-yang, qi was derived from ancient Chinese philosophy, which believes everything is related. In traditional Chinese medicine, qi is treated as the fundamental substance of the human body, and its movements explain various l

Research and Advance of Chinese Tuina

Firstly, ancient books on tuina were excavated and sorted out, and a lot of new works on tuina were published. Besides the ancient books sorted out and published again, which were mostly specialized treatises on infantile tuina, in this period there w

Major TCM Treatment Modalities

Often Western CAM practitioners and their patients or clients derive their understanding of TCM from acupuncture. However, acupuncture is only one of the major treatment modalities of this comprehensive medical system based on the understanding of Qi

Qigong Therapy For Heart Device Patients

The goal of this study is to improve the overall physical health and quality of life of patients attached to mechanical hearts or assist devices while awaiting heart transplantation. Qigong, an ancient Chinese exercise that involves active participati

Qigong and disease

Headache, migraine, insomnia, eyes diseases, aches and pain, numbness and soreness of the neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, back, waist, legs, joints, spine etc. Arthritis, gastritis, asthma, gallstones, constipation, overweight, children growing too sl

Qigong helps reduce drug intake

Researchers at the Qigong Institute, California, USA combined qigong exercises with drug therapy in hypertension, respiratory disease and cancer. All of the patients were using drug therapy for their illness. Dividing them into two groups, for researc

Chinese Exercise, QiGong

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the therapeutic effects of Qi Gong (Chinese exercise) on balance and fall prevention for individuals with Parkinson disease (PD). People with PD have twice the risk of falls as their age matched peers. Medicati

Chinese Qi-Gong Moving Abroad

Chinese experts of qigong, a traditional fitness exercise, are launching a major push this year to achieve wider international recognition of the practice.

How to Practising Qigong by Avoid Disease

Qigong offers individuals a way to achieve a relaxed, harmonious state of dynamic equilibrium. It typically improves their overall health status, allowing them to maintain a life free from pain, and full of vigour and grace. Qigong is a proper therape

General methods of qigong

Medical qigong can be divided into two main categories: internal qigong, which is practiced by the patients themselves to preserve and promote their own health, and external qigong, which is performed by a qigong master on a person with health problem