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Some people the most suitable for cupping

The work weary unbearable, we will expect to cupping; blowing air to blow the soreness and pain in the shoulder and back, we will expect to cupping; try a variety of methods to lose weight doesn't work, we will expect to cupping... As a kind

Cupping what are the indications and contraindications

Per cutem should know indication and contraindication 1, indications Per cutem therapy for the treatment of ulcers carbuncle poison has its unique. (1) per cutem formation of the negative pressure ACTS on the pus cavity, can make the pus ade

Teach you how to treat a cold traditional Chinese medicine cupping

Cupping has many varieties, such as tank, pottery etc.. The rich bamboo place use bamboo jar, modern use glass jars, and the life of some commonly used products such as cans, glass can temporarily borrow. The following is to learn how to use

Stiff neck or Cervical vertebra often not good try cupping

Autumn is a stiff neck, cervical vertebra disease prone season, Chinese medicine experts recommend treating with cupping method. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, cupping a dredge main and collateral channels, Qi and blood, ex

Inventory: common cupping method and Application

Of many people around the body does not appear, will go to the cupping. Cupping is in cans as a tool, the use of fire, pumping method to generate negative pressure, so that the adsorption on the surface, cause local blood stasis, to reach th

Cupping know indications and contraindications

Cupping know indications and contraindications 1, indication Treatment of cupping therapy on sore carbuncle poison has its one's own knack in. (1) the formation of the negative pressure cupping in pus cavity, can make the full drainage of pu

Cupping discomfort, how to deal with

Many people will choose the cupping body discomfort, but the tank, some people will appear unwell. If the patient feels local very nervous, burning hot unbearable pain, a few minutes that blisters (may also suffer from moisture card), or to

Guasha treatment of headache method

Headache is commonly subjective symptom in clinic. Whatever part of head pain are all called headache. The disease may appear separately, can also be found in a variety of acute and chronic diseases, Chinese medicine practitioners believe th

Guasha treatment of cardiac neurosis method

The location and method of cupping Selecting acupoints:Xinshu, Geshu, Pishu, Danshu, Neiguan, Shenmen, Zusanli, Yanlingquan, Fenglong, Sanyinjiao (picture59). Method: Cupping: Suck the cup to the acupoint of Xinshu, Ganshu, Pishu, Geshu, Zus

Scrapping the treatment of acute gastroenteritis steps

The location and method of cupping Selecting acupoint:Dazhui、Pishu、Weishu、 Sanjiaoshu、 Dachangshu、Tianshu、 Zusanli、 Shangquxu (piture66) Method: Cupping: cupping for ten minutes on the sides of Tianshu by cupping after flash of

Cupping therapy treatment of hemorrhoids

1) Acupoints selected: Baihui (GV20). Back and lumbosacral regions: Geshu (BL17), Shenshu (BL23), Guanyuanshu (BL26), Ciliao (BL32), Changqiang (GV1), Chengshan (BL57), Zusanli (ST36), Fenglong (ST40). 2) Manipulation: Hold the Guasha board

Traditional Chinese medicine tip: guasha after drink a cup of warm boiled water

Scrapping at home, guasha after measles drink a cup of warm boiled water, had better be weak brine or light sugar water. In the process of human body is lost some body fluid, drink salt water and sugar water on one hand can complement body f

Traditional Chinese medicine cupping teach you check body condition

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, strong body health cupping has the effect of illnesses. You know what? cupping besides can qushi analgesic outside, sometimes also can tell you what is their own constitution and body condition. cupping c

Guasha what are the benefits to the body?

First, scraping the back body conditioning Chinese medicine, the spine on both sides of the bladder full sun on the shu points, blood transfusion for the offal of the Department, to stimulate the organs back shu points, the essence of the in

What is Cupping?

Cupping is another type of treatment. This is a method of stimulating acupuncture points by applying suction through a metal, wood or glass jar, in which a partial vacuum has been created. This technique produces blood congestion at the site

Traditional Chinese Medicine Gua Sha Treatment of epilepsy type.

【Overview】 Epilepsy card, also known as epilepsy wind, Epilepsy is a paroxysmal disorder of consciousness. Characterized by Curan faint servant, tonic convulsions, when they moved from awake, awake as ordinary people, the disease more c

Scraping(gusha) inside and outside the ear disease treatment.

Scraping therapy is smooth buffalo horn scraper edge tools such as oil dipped in the surface area, for top-down, scraping swab from the inside out repeatedly, for the treatment of the disease. This therapy is commonly used in clinical treat

GuaSha Treatment of Disease

What is guasha? guasha is a traditional Chinese folk medicine, history of the source is far, with more than 2000 years of history. It is the instrument such as the human body through the guasha meridians and acupoints scraping swab, to medi

You learn to teach themselves to health care Gua Sha

At home, we can be more easily guasha self-care. The most convenient than buying a scraping wooden comb, shaving the head sooner or later the swab 30 ~ 50 times. Like the hair style is simple and convenient operation will be able to clear th

How to use the scraping therapy treatment of headache

guasha therapy, is commonly used in civilian and effective methods. As long as when used with copper or porcelain spoon dipped in hot tea oil, in the forehead, back of the neck median depression, spine on both sides, from top to bottom scra

Scrapping Therapy Treatment of heat stroke

Although it is popular guasha therapy has long been popular methods, but in fact it contains the traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory. The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine that the five internal organs are attached to the

What people do not fit guasha?

1, there is a serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and kidney dysfunction, systemic edema were. Because it will make people guasha subcutaneous congestion, promote blood circulation, which may increase heart and lung,

After the back pain may wish to cupping

Office pour over those who have sat the people who work with computers occurred more chance of back pain. This is mainly because these people work longer period of time to take a position, resulting in some muscle fatigue, tension, or strai

Cupping, how to avoid being burned?

The former is really two kinds of burns, the latter is not a burn. Then be able to avoid the fire can burn it? Energy, fully capable of, but must take the following measures: (1) coating of water: In the cupping place without prior Tu some

cupping , the general can operate on patients at home.

Doctors, cupping is simple, the general can operate on patients at home. After the back pain is concerned, on both sides of the spine through the back to go cans, on the pain points cupping, but more than 10 minutes, can greatly relieve the

Cupping treatment, in fact not simple

Cupping therapy has cupping method, tank method, acupuncture and cupping law, medicine pot method, take the pot method, pumping cylinders method, seven kinds of extrusion cans law. Cans with bamboo can be divided into cans, jars, canopic ja

Cupping of the four errors

Myth # 1 ,cupping after taking a bath Many people like to take a bath after removing finished cupping, this would be very comfortable, in fact, doing so is incorrect. Because at that time the skin in a very fragile state, when a bath is eas