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Foot massage treatment of rhinitis

Rhinitis is due to the acute or chronic viral infection such as rhinovirus and adenovirus or the injury which is caused by the stimulation. It usually leads to symptoms of excessive mucus, rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction and so on; the disease

Foot Massage treatment of hemorrhoids

Treatment: (l) Foot massage: l) Hemorrhoids: The massage is applied to anus (32), rectum (31), anus and rectum (52), sacrum (56), small intestine (25) and transverse colon (29) reflecting areas. 2) Anal fistula: The massage is applied to anu

Foot Massage for Getting Rid of Hemorrhoids

Basic reflection areas: adrenal gland, spleen, colon. Related reflection areas: anus, rectum. Symptom reflection areas: lymph node of the upper and lower body. Reflexotherapy is taken up of 10-15 times as a course of treatment, 30-40 times e

Foot Massage What issues should pay attentio

1, a half-hour before meals and 1 hour after a meal is not appropriate to do foot massage. 2, Foot massage before the division in advance with the account of his foot injury had the disease or foot. 3, Reflexology after drinking 300 to 500 m

Health foot massage is also a treatment

Huang Di Nei Jing and Zuxin chapter in brief foot massage principle: human organs, internal organs are all parts of the foot reflex zones, using massage to stimulate reflex zones, through the blood circulation, nerve conduction, can regulat

Foot Massage treatment of breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the common female malignancy. Mostly occurs in 40 to 60 years before and after menopause women. Its incidence and the female hormone related disorders. To menstrual cramps too early, late menopause, marriage is not e

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can treat Morton's neuroma

Increased shoes - high heels or shoes that are too narrow, the pressure and stress can, while the shoes are too loose, you can proceed to rub your feet on the friction. The abuse and exercise can also lead to pain foot problems. Acupuncture

draft foot massage equipment

People often fail to establish a massage therapy because they believe it has fewer benefits than other types of massage. What many do not know is that therapy foot massage has many benefits. From the most basic - it simply feels good. Feet,

foot massage therapy

Pick a lotion to use in the massage . Choose a foot lotion with healing properties. Step1 with the heel and soles of the feet. Plan to massage the bottoms of the feet and then work your way up. Step2 on the area with your thumbs. The feet a

Soothing Hands And Traditional Therapy

When we lived in the Soviet Union, we lived a couple hundred miles from each other, she said through her thick Russian accent. We graduated from the same school but different years. We didnt even know each other. Today, the two close friend

Therapeutic Mechanisms of Hand And Foot Massage

The massage at acupoints on both hand and foot can adjust bodily functions, promote the circulation of qi and blood, and prevent and treat diseases; and the effect of this therapy is even better than that of body massage and other local mas

Traditioanl Chinese Therapists :Foot Massages

Foot massages are also known as reflexology and were mainly practiced by Chinese therapists. In this kind of massage, therapists believe that each spot on the sole of the foot corresponds to an internal organ, and by applying pressure on these points

How to Give the Foot Massage

Begin with clean, dry feet. Soak feet in a warm soapy bath for a few minutes and then dry completely to clean and soften the tissue of the feet, if you can. Sit in a comfy chair and prop your left foot up on your right knee in a comfortable positio

Reflexology: can it aid fertility?

She soon became pregnant and gave birth to second son Fraser five months ago. While doctors insist there is nothing to prove the alternative therapy was responsible, she is sure it worked.

Reflexology and back pain

The reflex points on the patients' feet were treated for a maximum of ten treatments and the results analyzed. All of the patients reported that the treatment had effectively eliminated their pain; 5 of the patients obtained complete relief after only


This study evaluated the effects of reflexology on shoulder, neck and head pain. Twenty-nine persons, 22 females and 7 males (aged 17 - 71 years) who had suffered from pain 6 months to 30 years (average = 10 years) were selected to participate from fo

Foot Massage improve Zang-fu organs and sub-Physics

The Zang-fu organs to refer to both bodies and the Zang Fu organs. Delicacy weakness of the responsibility for the attack and tenderness. The physical refers to the configuration of the human body such as members, the skeleton, musculature, gasoline,

Foot massage to improve women's ice-cold hands and feet

The temperature dropped a lot of women have foot problems cold, sung about the feet warm bucket of hot water, heat up the whole person, I feel comfortable to follow, and then to [thanks to the hearts of] carefully protected throughout the day for wear

Detail the development of foot massage

Foot massage is an important part of medicine, according to more than 2000 years ago, this classic treatment of "Huang Di Nei Jing" on details of body meridians and acupoints, many of which are the points of foot, but also detailed the meridians, acu

Health foot beauty from the start

Reflexology's health has been scientifically proven. Today, massage the soles of the feet to the beauty of this new thesis has been confirmed. Experts found that the soles of the feet of beauty and make-up cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, such as compared

Health, from the foot bath to start

Water immersion foot is feet, is the ancient legend of China civil society a way to keep in good health. Song goes: "Spring feet, solid from Sun; summer feet, heat stroke to go; fall feet, moisten the lung Runchang; winter feet, hypogastric Wen Zhuo

Foot Massage for the model to choose

Massage is the oldest of human physical therapy, it can effectively relieve stress, relax body and mind. Massage pad, according to traditional Chinese Meridian Theory and design of modern electronic technology, concentration of meridians in the body

Foot health standards of care

That is, foot massage therapy, a non-drug therapy. All through the foot reflex zones to stimulate the body's physiological function so adjusted (to reconcile the internal organs, balance of yin and yang), to improve their immune system function