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Lung cancer will become the highest incidence of cancer in men

Some people say that smoking is a waste of life. What do you mean by that? Because the smoke sucked into the many toxic substances, they enter the lungs, constantly does not damage the lungs, eventually evolved into the lung cancer, a threat

Garlic can keep you away from lung cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most malignant tumors, which is the fastest growing, and one of the greatest threats to human health and life. Now the number of lung cancer are on the rise, especially because air pollution is easy to cause lung di

The etiology of chronic bronchitis

Etiology Under normal circumstances, the defense has improved respiratory function, the inhaled air can play a filtration, heating and humidification role ; ciliary movement and airway mucosal surfaces such as cough reflex , take to clear t

Chronic bronchitis diet should pay attention to what

What foods to eat for good health of chronic bronchitis : Such as eggs , chicken, lean meat , milk, animal liver , fish, soy products and so on. Moderate consumption of cold season lamb , dog , milk, animal liver , fish, soy products and so

Diet therapy of chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis therapeutic side: 1 , garlic , vinegar 250 grams , brown sugar 90 grams . The garlic, peeled and smashed , soaked in sweet and sour solution, whichever one week after taking the juice , one tablespoon each time , 3 times

Vitiligo is best not to eat what food?

1 , smoking and alcohol . To avoid further harm to human immune function of the skin to produce damaging stimuli. 2 , disabling drugs or vitamin C with vitamin C foods. Vitamin C has a depigmentation effect on the skin pigment containing vi

Dietary treatment of vitiligo

Vitiligo therapeutic side : The following therapeutic side with vitiligo can be treated with a certain role of adjuvant therapy for reference purposes only . Fig leaf Take ripe fresh figs , a day of fasting to eat three ; Another fresh fig

Diet treatment of viral hepatitis

Diet Therapy for Viral Hepatitis Time:2/25/2013 9:34:11 PM Viral hepatitis is caused by a variety of hepatitis b virus is given priority to with hepatic lesions of an infectious disease. Clinically with loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal di

Diet therapy for Chronic Lumber Strain

Strain of lumbar muscles, also called functional lumbago, lumbar gluteal muscle fasciitis chronic low back injury, etc., it is the waist muscle fascia and periosteum and attachment points of chronic traumatic inflammation, is one of a commo

Diet Therapy for Coronary Arteriosclerotic Cardiopathy

Coronary arteriosclerotic cardiopathy, called coronary heart disease (CHD) for short, is characterized by paroxysmal oppressed sensation or pain in the chest, pale complexion, anxiety or irritability, palpitation, shortness of breath, and se

Diet Therapy for Gastroptosis

Gastroptosis is a disease of abdominal ptosis. It refers to the position of the stomach is lower than the normal place with its margo inferior reaching to the pelvic cavity and the lowest point of the stomach arc falls below the bone ridge l

TCM life cultivation experts suggestions :Eight don't after-meal

Dont hurry to smoke. The risk of smoking after meals is tenfold to that of the ordinary time. As the blood circulation amount in the digestive tracts increase after meals, substantial objectionable constituents in the cigarette are absorbed

Teach you the practice of 8 kinds of soup allows you to keep a good healthy lifestyle

1. Mind refreshing and collaterals regulating soup for burning nigh-oil staff ---- Rhizoma Gastrodiae and young pigeon soup Suitable crows: people who regularly work overtime and burn night-oil Functions: headache and dizziness, numbness of

Chinese health tea for treatment of hypotension

The Magical Effect of Herbal Health Tea for Treating Hypotension of the Aged Regarding diet, the aged should pay attention to enhance nutrition, such as appropriately increasing the salt intake, which is as twice and third times as normal in

Best suited smokers eat food

Best suited smokers eat food 1 , mushrooms - mushrooms containing amino acids in the protein up to 18 species, also contains a variety of vitamins . Mushroom polysaccharide component can make a person immune cells in vivo anticancer activit

Dietetic Chinese drugs refer to Chinese medicinal edibles having the functions of nourishing the hum

Dietetic Chinese drugs refer to Chinese medicinal edibles having the functions of nourishing the human body and keeping fit as well as preventing and curing diseases. They are characterized by the dual nature of medicine and food. When looki

The characteristics of Chinese medicated diet

The characteristics of Chinese medicated diet are as follows: Laying Stress on the Whole, Selecting Medicated Diet on the Basis of Differential Diagnosis By laying stress on the whole, selecting medicated diet on the basis of differential di

The hemorrhoids patient's diet regulation

1) Tremella Gruel INGREDIENTS Tremella 5-10g Polished round-grained rice 100g Chinese-date (Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae) 5 Crystal sugar right amount PROCESS Soak tremella in the water for half a day, boil polished round-grained rice into gruel,

Ancient Chinese Folk Recipes of Climacteric Syndrome

Before or after menopause, women may have some symptoms associated with it, which may be serious or slight, long or short, or irregular. Women near the time of menopause have delayed menstrual cycle, short in period, scanty in amount and th

Prostatic hyperplasia eat what good

Prostatic Hyperplasia is manifested mainly as frequent urination, more frequent at night, which affects sleep, afterwards the urine stream can be seen having got narrower, the range having got shorter and the time for urination having lasted

Impotence of dietary therapy of TCM

Composite Medicated Diet Thick Loach Soup loach, Misgurnus Anguillicaudatus 250g lard, Lardum right amount black pepper powder,Pulvis Fructi Piperis Nigri a little table salt a little PROCESS Cook soup with the loach and the lard, when it i

Impotence should eat what

This symptom is manifested as inability to have an erection of the penis or lack of copulative power in males. According to the theory that kidney is the organ to make the penis erect, TCM considers it in most cases as insufficiency of the k

TCM diet: Teach you how to treat spermatorrhea

Seminal emission refers to spontaneous discharge of sperm not resulting from sexual intercourse. Medicated diet, as an supplementary treatment, has a certain curative effect on this symptom. Common Types of Syndromes Unconsolidation due to K

The diet treatment of urinary stone disease

This illness manifests itself as difficulty in urination, urethral twinge, sensation Of spasm of the lower abdomen, or gripping pain in the waist and abdomen; it falls in TCM into the categories of sha lin (stranguria from urolithiasis), shi

Dietetic Chinese Drugs Miscellanies

[PDF] Miscellanies Shepherd's Purse VARIANT NAMES Hushengcao, Fingchangcao, Dimicai, Xiangcai. ORIGIN The whole grass of Capsella bursa-pastoris [Cruciferae]. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Containing organic acid (oxalic acid, tartaric acid, malic ac

The origin and development of Chinese dietary therapy

Chinese medicated diet is not a simple combination of food and Chinese drugs, but a special highly finished diet made from Chinese drugs, food and condiments under the theoretical guidance of diet preparation based on differentiation of symp

Woman: good food to the skin

Mentioned facial, many people think of applied skin protection products first. Actually your skin can be moist and smooth if you eat vegetables and fruits reasonably. According to the research, following foods have esthetic effect. Pea: Comp