Womb – Women's Lifetime Health Code

There are many womb killers in women's lifetime. It is reported based on the authoritative information that there were 20% of the women who were in more than 30 years suffered from the hysteromyoma. And 20% of the women had the problem of me

The essence of weight reduction in acupuncture

The essence of weight reduction in acupuncture is to lose weight in the treatment of obesity, at the same time, to shape your good physique. TCM holds that acupuncture stimulates whole meridians which cover all over the body, connect every o

Senior person should not eat anything before sleeping

1. The senior person should not eat foods before sleeping: If he eat foods, the body organism activity would slow or on the sleeping condition after he is sleeping and intestine and stomach are busy in the night, it will aggravate its burden

Chrysanthemum pillow for improving eyesight and expelling pathogen

Chrysanthemum has many medicine functions such as depriving heat, disintoxicating, dispelling wind-evil, calm the liver and improving eyesight. Whiter chrysanthemum commonly use for calming the liver and improving eyesight, while yellow chry

Why Children often Sweat in Sleep?

The so-called physiological hyperhidrosis refers to the kids body in well-developed and good health, sweating in sleep without any reasons. Parents usually take their subjective sensation to judge what is the best environment temperature for

Normal pulse

Normal pulse refers to the pulse conditions of the healthy people. The shape of the normal pulse The normal pulse is neither floating nor sunken, neither fast nor slow, sensible with moderate pressure, usually beating 4 - 5 times in a cycle

Inquiry of chest and abdomen

The chest and abdomen are the regions where viscera are located. The disorder of the viscera may bring about various symptoms over the chest and abdomen. The following is a brief discussion. Chest oppression Chest oppression is a subjective

Inquiry of symptoms in pediatrics

The infantile viscera are delicate, vigorous and fast in development. Under pathological conditions, they are characterized by quick onset, variability and susceptibility to both asthenia and sthenia. So, apart from the usual aspects include

General information of Inquiry

Inquiry means investigating into the occurrence, development and treatment of the disease as well as the present manifestations and other related problems by means of inquiring the patient or other people accompanying the patient. The occurr

Inquiry of chief complaint and history of present illness

Chief complaint and history of present illness are the main aspects included in inquiry and are important for diagnosis, treatment and syndrome differentiation. Inquiry of chief complaint Chief complaint refers to the most serious symptoms a

Inquiry of the present symptoms

Inquiry of the present symptoms includes, the present sufferings, discomfort and other information related to the disease. The present symptoms are the reflections of the present pathological changes and are the important evidences for the d


Normally there is no abnormal odor in the healthy people whose visceral functions are normal and circulation of blood and qi is smooth. Under pathological conditions, the visceral functions are affected, qi, blood and body fluid are encumber

Inspection of infantile index finger veins

Inspection of infantile index finger veins means to examine the length, colour and shape of the veins along the palmar margin to detect pathological changes. This method is applicable for the diagnosis of infants under the age of three. Sinc

Inspection of skin

Skin is distributed over the surface of the body, connected with the lung with weiqi circulating inside. Skin is the defending barrier of the body and nourished by qi, blood and body fluid through meridians. So the disorders of the skin itse

Inspection of mouth and lips

Inspection of mouth and lips The spleen opens to the mouth, flourishes on the lips and is internally and externally related with the stomach. The spleen and the stomach are the production source of qi and blood. So, inspection of mouth and l

Inspection the five sense organs

The five sense organs refer to the eyes, ears, nose,mouth and tongue which are closely related to the viscera.Each organ itself is directly or indirectly related to several viscera and its functions are also associated with the heart spirit

Inspection of head and hair

Inspection of local regions is used to closely examine some regional areas to obtain necessary clinical data on the basis of general inspection according to the pathological conditions in question. The pathological changes of the tissues and

Listening to sounds

Listening and olfaction means , listening to various sounds and noises made by the patient and smelling the odor and excreta from the body of the patient so as to understand the pathological conditions of the patient. Since various sounds an

Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (Agriculture God's Canon of Materia Medica)

Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (Agriculture God Canon of Materia Medica). Legendary story says that Shen Nong (God of Agriculture) tasted hundreds of herbs and was poisoned seventy times a day. This story actually talks about differentiation of ed

Huang Di Nei Jing :Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine

Huang Di Nei Jing, the earliest extant canon of TCM, is composed of two parts, Su Wen (Plain Conversation) and Ling Shu (Spiritual Pivot), each containing 81 chapters. Huang Di Nei Jing is generally believed to be compiled in the period betw

How Understanding TCM

To learn more about Chinese medicine, it must have a mastery of the Chinese culture, especially on the philosophy of knowledge, as traditional Chinese medicine theory and development, and in many other areas of the establishment of a combina

Tradition chinese Medicine of Formation and Variation

It is true that for quite a long time in history Chinese people regarded their country as the greatest land in the center of the world and taken their culture as the most excellent one in the universe. However, China has never stopped absorb

Chinese medicine way of thinking

Early in the antiquity, there was definite division of labor and specialized knowledge and skills for different fields. However, in terms of the knowledge related to human beings themselves, the situation was different. Under the influence o

The spring of emotion regulation

In spring, everything on the earth comes to life and is full of vitality. When spring is approaching, the human metabolism becomes more and more vigorous as well. The spring corresponds to the liver. As a result, the functional activities of

Spring,Regulating the daily life

Chinese medicine theory of life cultivation and rehabilitation, and believing that people should go to bed late at night, to greet the morning full of spring sunshine, let the hair hanging loose clothing, belts, rolling the body in the cour

Herbal tea can prevent computer radiation

Kindred Rehmannia root, cape jasmine tea Kindred Rehmannia root 10 grams, gardenia's 3G, soaked in hot water for one hour at 85 determining degrees. It can prevent teenage bone dysplasia, low memory. Suanzaoren, shiragiku tea Suanzaoren 10 g

Dietetic therapy prevent aging

The deficiency of qi and blood body fluid and its metabolism The moisturizing facial skin or the rough with the Rise and fall of the qi and blood body fluid of human body is closely related .i.e.the inspection by the patient, said: moisturiz