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How should sinusitis prevention and nursing

Prevention: 1, pay attention to the nasal health at ordinary times, form the good hygienic habit of nasal irrigation in the morning and evening. 2, pay attention to blow your stuff. Stuffy nose more stuff, appropriate according to plug on on

Sinusitis of what is the cause?

The cause of 1, body resistance is reduced, such as excessive fatigue, catch cold catch cold is wet, malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, and improper living environment. 2, allergic constitution, systemic diseases such as anemia, lack of end

What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

Symptoms: 1, systemic symptom: one side in the course of acute rhinitis symptom is aggravating, then appear chills fever, aches, lethargy, loss of appetite, etc., with acute tooth source sex maxillary sinusitis systemic symptom more drama. C

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma can completely cure?

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor in otolaryngology head and neck malignant tumor, accounting for 78.08% of the patients and their families, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, hope the first clear is, nasopharyngeal carcinom

What are the main cause of nasopharyngeal carcinoma?

The etiology is not very clear, there is a close relationship between the disease and virus, genetic, and environmental factors. 1, genetic factors: the pathogenesis of NPC area obviously, has obvious ethnic and familial aggregation. Nasopha

A variety of skin benefit food can assist the treatment of wine tank nose

Rosacea patients eat more healthy food for skin health, for the treatment of rosacea can also play a supporting role. Here are some beneficial to the skin food. 1, lemon Contains citric acid, pectin and a lot of vitamin C, vitamin D, lemon s

Several ocular diseases diabetic complications

First, myopia: myopia symptoms mainly for people who have not occurred myopia myopia or myopic eyes degree changing. So, when you replace the glasses, you should think about whether the presence of diabetes may occur. Second, ptosis: droopin

The early symptoms of cataracts

Monocular visual, in the early cataract lens of turbidity, parts of transparent, through which the light projected onto the retina of the eyeball produces double or more than a shadow. Abnormal color: early cataract, the swelling due to abs

The treatment of cataract

Cataracts , how should we treat it ? Here we take a look at cataract treatment. Drug treatment No exact effect of drug treatment , both at home and abroad in the exploratory research stage , some early cataract, after medication may slow dow

Treatment of cataract therapeutic side

Senile cataract , from the beginning to play fully mature , varying lengths of time , usually 2 to 5 years , ranging from a few months , the elderly up more than a decade , to stop at a certain stage , still unchanged. Generally treated by s

Cataract patients diet attention to what

1 , often drinking Tea . Tannic acid in tea contains a substance with antioxidant response effect. Cataract is the role of free radicals generated by the oxidation reaction due to the body in the lens caused by drinking it regularly can prev

Diet therapy to prevent cataracts

Cataract occurs on the lens inside the eye of a disease that can be called any lens opacities cataracts, clouding of the lens but when lighter , did not significantly affect vision without being discovered or ignored and not included in the

Normally tea can prevent cataracts

Clinical studies have shown increasingly poor quality of life using the fluorescent easily induced cataracts , especially elderly accelerate the progression of cataracts . In general , the quality of qualified energy-saving lamps and fluores

How to prevent cataracts

Cataracts are the most likely to have an elderly eye disease , its great harm , serious can lead to blindness , cataracts to the lives of many patients distress , everyone want to see cataract occurs, then there are ways to prevent cataract

Observation of the nose and mouth, To see the body is healthy

From nose to see health Dry nose Nose to play the normal ventilation and olfactory function, must rely on lung reconcile, breathing Chang Lee. Dry nose, breathing with heat, Hyperactivity is often caused.

Inflammation external auditory canal of treatment

Syndrome of wind and heat attacking the exterior Main symptoms and signs: Red and swollen,scorching and painful external auditory canal, or with fever and aversion to cold, diffuse swelling of the external auditory canal or a bit of purulent

Etiology and diagnosis of external auditory canal inflammation

Inflammation of the external auditory canal is the extensive inflammation of the skin of the external auditory canal and subcutaneous tissue. It is clinically divided into acute and chronic types. Clinically, acute inflammation of the extern

Oropharyngeal examination and Nasopharyngeal examination

The examinee assumes an orthophoric sitting position, with the mouth opening for peaceful respiration. After the examinee puts his tongue in the floor of mouth flatly, the examiner holds a spatula with the hand to press the formers tongue d

Examination of nasal sinuses

1. Palpation of nasal sinuses According to the position of tenderness, the examiner may determine to which sinus the acute inflammation pertain. For instance, the tenderness of frontal sinusitis lies in the superior part of the inner orbit;

Posterior pharyngeal cavity of the nasal cavity can be examined by this method

Posterior pharyngeal cavity of the nasal cavity can be examined by this method. The examinee bends his head slightly forwards, opens his mouth, relaxes the pharyngeal cavity completely and breathes through the nose. Place the posterior rhino

Examination of the nasal cavity

Examination of the nasal cavity The examination is the key for the examination of the nose and it is often conducted with the help of a nasoscope. The usage of a nasoscope: Hold the nasoscope with the left hand and put the thumb on the junc

vestibular function test

1. caloric test Pour water of 3 0 ℃ and 44 ℃ (water cooler than body temperature and water warmer than body temperature) respectively into the external auditory canal to reach the drum membrane. Than observe the amplitude of the vibrati

Vestibular function examination

Vestibular function refers to the balance function of the vestibular organ. When the vestibule is stimulated, dysfunction will occur, mainly manifested as nystagmus, vertigo, dumping, etc. If the patient has the above-mentioned symptoms due

Audiometry is to determine whether audition is normal or not

Audiometry is to determine whether audition is normal or not, and the degree and nature of dysaudia. Audiometry is of vital importance for the diagnosis and treatment of otic diseases. The peaceful environment free from noises is advisable

Ventilation examination of the auditory tube

This method is to examine whether or not the auditory tube is unobstructed by squeezing air into the tympanic cavity through the auditory tube; also, ventilation through the auditory tube is applied to check whether there is a small perfora

The examination of the drum membrane

The examination of the drum membrane is of great significance in clinic. Attention should be paid to the observation of the whole drum membrane especially the flaccid part. The following points should be paid attention to in the case of exa

The examination of the external ear

1. Common methods The examinations is to observe the skin colour, flexibility and mobility of the auricle and the external auditory canal and to see whether or not there exist swelling, laceration, exudation, deformity, congenital preauricu