Appendicitis in children the disease the reasons

Appendicitis commonly known as appendicitis. Cecal appendix is near the head of the worm-like blind prominent tube, located in right lower abdomen, appendicitis is appendiceal inflammation caused due to various reasons, thus occurs abdomina

Appendicitis commonly known as "appendicitis." Cecal appendix is near the head of the worm-like blind prominent tube, located in right lower abdomen, appendicitis is appendiceal inflammation caused due to various reasons, thus occurs abdominal pain, fever and other symptoms. Appendicitis in children with acute and chronic two, there are certain links between the two.

The incidence of acute appendicitis in children aged 6 to 12 years old the most common, accounting for 90% under the age of three rare, newborn rare. The incidence of infants and young children with acute appendicitis was low, but it is difficult to diagnose perforation rate, postoperative complications, and therefore should early diagnosis and treatment.

The causes of acute appendicitis in children

Children with acute appendicitis caused by reasons not clear, is multi-faceted, mainly appendiceal cavity obstruction, bacterial infection, blood factors such as obstacles and reflex interaction, mutual influence results. The specific reasons may be the following:

1, pediatric cold, diarrhea, gastrointestinal dysfunction causes such as bacteria invade the gut of the appendix, causing inflammation of the appendix;

2, acute upper respiratory infection, tonsillitis, etc. so that the appendix wall reactive hypertrophy, obstructed blood flow will be the incentive for appendicitis;

3, appendix cavity was bezoars, foreign bodies or parasites blocked appendix poor drainage cavity contents, bacteria breeding, which is triggered more common cause of acute appendicitis; appendiceal cavity is blocked, such as a long time can cause the appendix's own blood circulatory disturbance, leading to ischemia, causing necrosis of perforated appendix.

What are the symptoms of acute appendicitis?

1, abdominal pain - acute appendicitis in the early main clinical manifestations and signs of acute abdominal pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Abdominal pain in the early and upper abdomen around the navel, then transferred to the right lower abdomen. Body check occurs when a fixed right lower quadrant tenderness.

2, fever - early onset in children with acute appendicitis in the performance of low-grade fever, abdominal pain in children for 6 to 8 hours after the body temperature at 37. 5 ℃ ~ 38 ℃ or so, after which the body temperature with the progression of the disease, can be gradually increased to 38 ℃ ~ 39 ℃; Appendiceal perforation with peritonitis may be as persistent fever, lassitude and other symptoms; babies were early manifestations of acute appendicitis, crying, irritability, frequent vomiting and fever symptoms.

3, other symptoms - when there is peritonitis, the children with abdominal muscle tension, tenderness, denial of the right lower abdomen and all abdominal compression, and sometimes accompanied by diarrhea; children with HI lateral position, can not walk straight when the waist, bend on the right; obstructive appendicitis the appendix due to cramps, abdominal pain caused by bursts of heavy.

What harm are not treated in time?

Experts suggest that, once diagnosed as acute appendicitis, the appendix should be resected as soon as possible. Especially infants and young children must be suffering from appendicitis, early diagnosis and early treatment. Delays in treatment, would cause serious harm to children.

Indications for medical treatment in children with acute appendicitis

General principles: For children with acute appendicitis, doctors recommend surgery to be able to inflammation of the appendix surgery as soon as possible. As advances in medical technology and surgical expertise of the further development of the surgical effect of appendicitis in children is less satisfactory, parents can rest assured.


1, for suppurative, gangrenous, roundworm, and foreign body obstruction caused by acute appendicitis, once a clear diagnosis, surgical treatment as early as possible;

2, such as a longer course of disease in children by conservative treatment, the appendicitis patients were controlled locally, the formation of tumors, by B-ultrasonic examination to determine mass within the pus can be B ultrasound-guided puncture pus or surgery, cut open appendectomy abscess, drainage of the pus out;

3, for children not yet been fully diagnosed for conservative treatment of 6 to 12 hours later, the condition does not improve or worsen, shall be immediate surgical treatment;


4, for the occurrence of peritonitis and perforated appendicitis the symptoms of the sick child, shall immediately proceed to surgery, appendectomy and abdominal drainage placed. Doctor after surgery should be under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine with antibiotics or with treatment;

5, children with acute exacerbation of chronic appendicitis, the operation immediately. Especially those with long-term recurrent abdominal pain in children, due to chronic inflammation of the appendix cavity, affecting normal life of sick children who should try to surgery appendectomy.

Conservative treatment

1, conservative treatment, according to the actual situation in children, food and light food, in order to regulate gastrointestinal function;

2, appendix abscess has not formed before the appropriate drainage and conservative treatment should be carried out. To ensure that children with bed rest, not to do strenuous exercise in order to prevent tumor rupture, inflammation, proliferation;

3, partial line with the physiotherapy.

Appendicitis in children the disease the reasons