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Types of tests of Infertility

Types of tests of Infertility To find out what a couple's issues are requires a number of tests. The exams include the following: * Physical exams, including full medical histories. That will include discussions of previous disease or injuri

Male Infertility factors and Female Infertility factors

Male factors The biggest cause of male infertility, according to ASRM, is no or too few sperm cells. Other major issues include inadequate sperm motility or movement and abnormally shaped sperm. Lifestyle can influence the number and quality

Infertility is diagnosed

Planning and hoping for a child can be a happy and exciting time, but the inability to conceive can be sad and frustrating. The situation however, even though it may seem so at the time, is not unique. infertility affects over 6 million peop

Female infertility check what should be done?

(1) In addition to medical check-up system check, we must also do so the reproductive system checks. In addition to general visual examination, palpation, they also do so within a vaginal speculum examination and consultation (double or tri

Common abnormal pregnancy

1, early pregnancy bleeding and fetal atrophy In early pregnancy, often there will be blood-like vaginal discharge, or vaginal bleeding, and some accompanied by mild abdominal pain, terrified mothers who had just become pregnant, their unbo

Postpartum depression psychological care

Childbirth and breast-feeding is a normal human physiological phenomena, the newly maternal stress is a factor, because the social role of the entirely changed; on their cognition and behavior have an impact, easy to go beyond the normal bo

Diabetic pregnant woman preparations

Female sufferers to control blood sugar in addition to a good pre-pregnancy, but also attach importance to complications of treatment. To maintain good blood sugar so that no further development of the complications is the most important. I

9 categories of pregnant women take special care Diabetes

1, obese persons. If the pre-pregnancy body mass index of 24 or more (body mass index = body weight in kilograms / height cm square), should be vigilant. 2, the age of 30 years of age, particularly pregnant women over the age of 35. 3, the

How to diagnose gestational diabetes mellitus

Diabetes before pregnancy refers to pregnancy, diabetes, or diabetes with pregnancy; while pregnant women had not found diabetes only occurs during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes, diabetes, prostitutes pregnant in the latter part

Gestational diabetes healthy eating

Diabetes during pregnancy, there are two cases, one for patients with diabetes before pregnancy, pregnancy, also known as gestational diabetes mellitus. Another way for the emergence or discovery of diabetes before pregnancy, also known as

Gestational diabetes mellitus etiology

Pregnancy during the first discovery of any elevated levels of blood glucose levels, regardless of whether insulin or diet alone, and irrespective of whether this situation continues after birth, can be considered as gestational diabetes. A

Please note that abnormal pregnancy

There are many abnormalities during pregnancy may occur, in which the most common problems to the prospective mother to remind: 1, early pregnancy bleeding and fetal atrophy In early pregnancy, often there will be blood-like vaginal dischar

Infertility in patients with the contents of the special examination

According to newly diagnosed examination (history taking, physical examination, gynecological examination) and laboratory tests, some patients can find the cause, but many patients still need to do a special inspection in order to further i

How the treatment of infertility patients

1, the two sides overhaul ① a long marriage, infertility, made after both sides made a comprehensive examination to determine the cause, the sick place. For example: ovulation disorder, to monitor follicular development state, no advantag

Habitual abortion to check

First, a general diagnosis of Including history taking (internal, external, obstetric history, metabolic history, infections, intrauterine foreign bodies whether stored, the availability of drug poisoning, radiation therapy, etc.), physical

Female infertility the check-up?

For female infertility check what project? Female friends can do so being prepared in advance to find out. (1) Female infertility examinations - In addition to medical check-up system check, it also should do in the reproductive system chec

Infertility, endocrine examination

(A) Determination of hormones By radioimmunoassay (RIA) can determine steroid hormone, but also determination of pituitary hormones. Specificity of immune response strong isotope sensitivity, accuracy is high, it has been widely used. Infer

Abortion and infertility

Abortion was a common method of termination of pregnancy, despite the pain of small, user-friendly and can be carried out in the general hospital general surgery, but surgery is not the best option is not without its trauma program. Because

The reasons for habitual abortion

Healthy egg and sperm combine, the normal uterus and fallopian tubes, an appropriate balance of chemical and biological environment and endocrine, are pregnant and maintaining pregnancy conditions, any of these factors may lead to abnormal

Annexitis lead to infertility?

Q: Why have annexitis? A: resistance to post-abortion and post-natal decline in pay no attention to personal hygiene, reproductive tract retrograde bacterial infection via the fallopian tubes, ovaries. Gynecological surgery, such as induced

Prevention of infertility from the girl started

1, Mo menarche concerns: general 14-year-old woman at the time menstruation will menarche, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, it symbolizes the reproductive system has been gradually mature is no need to make a fuss. However, some

Prevention of infertility

1, popularize scientific and technological health knowledge, master conception reason. With the progress of medicine, knowledge of sexual shame is no longer a matter of mystery. It should be widely publicized so as to understand the knowled

Common after-effects of abortion

Although abortion is a gynecological ringworm scabies of the disease, can be Do not be taken lightly. If disposed of improperly, troubles, risk more will come soon, infertility is one of them. Post-abortion causes infertility, mainly tubal

Early stages of pregnancy a common anomaly

Vomiting Unlike most of the pregnancy reaction. Pregnant women, persistent nausea, frequent vomiting, can not eat, obviously weight loss, and consciously generalized weakness. Long-term hunger can cause hypotension, decreased urine output,

Uterus three major diseases caused infertility

Several diseases can cause infertility: Uterine dysplasia: uterine dysplasia also known as infantile uterus, generally refers to the uterus after puberty is still smaller than normal. Just a small uterus is not necessarily the direct cause

Endometritis affecting fertility

Endometritis according to disease duration can be divided into two kinds of acute and chronic. According to their infection pathogens, can be divided into tuberculosis, venereal diseases and the general bacterial. Infertile women by endomet

Cervical erosion will lead to infertility

Experts said that cervical erosion often occurs in the cervix outside the mouth of the cervix and vagina part of the fine granular appearance of the red zone, clinical symptoms are mainly leucorrhea color, quality, quantity, taste changes,