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he difference between ADHD and Tourette syndrome

ADHD and tic disorder, two kinds of disease and the dynamic, common in children under the age of 8. Little friend once had these two kinds of disease, will be more active than ordinary children, some parents is not very clear, the child is e

ADHD children what should food notice

A growing number of studies have demonstrated, unreasonable diet is an important factor leading to the onset of adhd. So, many parents are worried, ADHD children should pay attention to what in the diet? What they should eat, and what they o

Internal and external causes of ADHD

ADHD more difficult with small children. The child in the womb fetal very calendar harm, after birth, more lively, restless, hands and feet touch even in infants do not quiet, feeding difficulties, the old cry, difficult to fall asleep. I fe

The harm of lead poisoning

Blood lead is too high, can hurt the child's intelligence, and change the character of the child, the child's growth and development impact. The child temperament, loves pulling hair may also lead to blame. There was a child of 7 years old i

ADHD hazards in what place

ADHD hazard mainly in the aspects of its harm, family, school, society and so on. 1, the child's own: impact on children, leading to low grades of children. The main characteristics of ADHD is attention deficit disorder. And during the perio

What is the harm of children with ADHD

ADHD harm must pay attention to. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in China has become a public problem is serious, should be with the concern of the whole society. In recent years, the prevalence of ADHD in children with rising, seri

Vitiligo is mainly caused by what the

The etiology of the disease owing clear. Recent studies have considered the following factors : 1 , genetics studies suggest that there may Vitiligo is an autosomal dominant genetic skin disease. Foreign authors statistics 30% of patients h

What are the symptoms of vitiligo?

Vitiligo Skin Show epidermal melanocytes and melanin granules significantly reduced or absent. DOPA staining of basal melanocytes decrease or disappear. Both men and women , the incidence rates vary by region , race color varies, some deepe

Early symptoms of vitiligo infants

Vitiligo developed rapidly, and now a great influence infant patients gradually increased , to bring parents and patients , and the white kids , if not treated , it not only affects the child's growth , but also let the children life-threat

Neonatal jaundice affect intelligence?

Neonatal jaundice is divided into two kinds of physiological rational and disease. Physiological jaundice is that most newborns after birth appear 2 to 3 days of skin , yellow sclera , the first four to six days the most obvious , full-term

How to diagnosis of newborn jaundice

Whenever clinical cases of neonatal jaundice and hemolytic anemia should think of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency caused by neonatal jaundice, especially in non-high incidence, should pay attention. The clinical features

The classification of neonatal jaundice

Neonatal jaundice bilirubin ( mostly not as bilirubin ) accumulate in the body caused by its complex causes, physiologic and pathologic points ; partially jaundice caused by central nervous system grams loss , resulting in bilirubin encepha

How to prevent pediatric mycoplasma infection

Mycoplasma Mycoplasma infection is more common kind of infection, severe infections may also develop into mycoplasma pneumonia. Children had mycoplasma infection, should be timely treatment. Mycoplasma infection caused by mycoplasma pneumoni

Specific ways to improve fertility

Specific ways to improve fertility A reasonable weight Improve fertility scientists 1558 young men were investigated. The results showed that , compared with normal-weight men , overweight man's sperm density decreased by 24% ; more seriousl

Diagnostic criteria of cervical erosion

Symptoms: Chronic metritis cervical erosion is the most common disease process local features . Due to the secretion of inflammatory dipping , cervical squamous epithelium , columnar epithelium covering the cervical canal to replace that sho

Six Ways to Respect Your Baby's Emotion

1. Understand your babys intention and respect his choice According to the survey, 68.8% parents think that the baby has the right to choose the skills which he likes, because inner interest is the motive power for learning. Step 1 Parents s

Chinese medicine to explain hysteromyoma

Hysteromyoma are more common in adult women'sgynecological disease, between 30-50-year-old general, the higher the incidence of middle-aged women. Chinese medicine believes that the impassioned internal injuries as a result of Hysteromyoma,

Some adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

The study findings were released online in advance of publication in an upcoming print issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry. Our research offers strong evidence that heritable factors influence how we control our emotions,

Pathological characteristics of Infants

Pathologische Merkmale Die pathologischen Merkmale der Suglinge sind zwei Aspekte: einfache und schnelle Kontraktion des Getriebes, reine Zang-Qi und einfach Rehabilitation. Einfache und schnelle Kontraktion des Getriebes Krankheitsempfindli

Vascular Birthmarks

Birthmarks are found on babies' skin. They appear when the baby is born or they show up in the first few weeks or months of life. A congenital nevi or mole is one type of birthmark. Another, more common type is called a vascular birthmark. T

Pneumonia Diagnosis

Pneumonia, a commonly-encountered disorder of pulmonary system during infancy, is mainly caused by exogenous pathogenic factors and clinically marked by fever, cough, rale and asthma. In severe cases, pale complexion, cyanotic lips and dyspn

internal therapies of Infants

The internal therapies commonly used in pediatrics include dispelling wind to relieve exterior, stopping cough and asthma, clearing away heat and toxic materials, cooling blood to stop bleeding, eliminating colic caused by as caris, promotin

Observation of infants the complexion

Observation of the complexion Normal skin of children, regardless of the color of the skin is red and shiny, showing the harmony of qi and blood, and health. The normal color of the face of the newborn baby is usually soft and rosy. Under pa

Diagnosis of infant diseases

Diagnosis is a way to differentiate syndromes and diseases through the information collected from various means of diagnosis. Since the infants are unable to express themselves, physiologically and pathologically different from adults and of

Physiological characteristics of Infants

Physiological characteristics From birth to adulthood, infants are under constant growth and development. They are physically and functionally different from adults, for they have their own characteristics and laws. The younger they are, the

Prevention of skin cancer

Protection from the sun is an important year, not only in the summer or on the beach. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be cloudy and hazy days, you, as well as sunny days. UV also reflected such as water, cement, sand the surface of the snow.

Cause of skin cancer risk

People with certain risk factors are more likely than others to develop skin cancer. Risk factors are different, different types of skin cancer, but the general risk factors, Family history of skin cancer. Personal history of skin cancer. Ea