Specific ways to improve fertility


Specific ways to improve fertility A reasonable weight Improve fertility scientists 1558 young men were investigated. The results showed that , compared with normal-weight men , overweight man's sperm density decreased by 24% ; more seriousl

Specific ways to improve fertility

A reasonable weight

Improve fertility scientists 1558 young men were investigated. The results showed that , compared with normal-weight men , overweight man's sperm density decreased by 24% ; more seriously underweight , their sperm count than normal-weight men decreased by 36% . Scientists believe that a reasonable body weight can really improve fertility. In addition, U.S. scientists also found that this situation will also appear in women. Seriously overweight women whose artificial insemination success rate will decrease . So scientists have suggested that before the preparation for pregnancy , overweight women the best first cut down weight .

2 , the sun

Full sun to improve the fertility of women 's fertility can be improved to increase the chances of pregnancy. Studies have shown that full season in the sunshine , women 's chances of pregnancy was significantly higher than in other seasons . Meanwhile, more than accept some sun bathing can also reduce the risk of breast cancer . When exposed to sunlight , when the content of vitamin D will proliferate , and vitamin D are considered to be effective for inhibiting the growth of cancer substances . In addition , the sun will inspire men sperm motility , because with the help of sunlight to synthesize vitamin D - This substance may play a decisive role in the generation process of the semen , and the lack of this nutrient are likely to lead to sterile. This finding seems to imply that by increasing the content (which can be more than the sun and eat more foods rich in vitamin D ) of vitamin D will increase both male and female reproductive capacity.

3, the traditional Chinese acupuncture

Acupuncture is a means unique to China 's treatment of the disease . It is a " disease outside the rule ," the medicine . Through the meridians, acupoints conduction , and the application of a certain operation of law , to treat systemic diseases. The method according to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to diagnose the cause , identify key disease , identify the nature of the disease , to determine which lesions are meridians , which organs , identifying it belongs table, cold and heat , the actual situation of that type , do the diagnosis. Then make the appropriate acupoints prescription for treatment. In meridians , adjusting blood , so that the relative balance of yin and yang , so that organs function tends to reconcile , so as to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of disease. Acupuncture is part of the heritage of Chinese medicine , but also a nation of unique medical approach . For thousands of years , for the defense of health , multiply the nation, there have been remarkable contributions , until now, still plays this task for the masses by the trust.


4 , vitamin E

Improve fertility lot of friends , especially male friends always complain about life, more and more pressure to increase , a man bear the responsibility for their families , especially now that the prices so high, some young men are always busy making money day and night , seriously affecting health. It is now the men's sperm quality decline , infertile men increased very important reason .
Men want to maintain a healthy body , we must pay attention to the daily care. In addition to pay more attention to the diet, vitamin E can also help treat male infertility . When men deficient in vitamin E, cause testicular damage , sexual dysfunction and disorder , prone to abnormal sperm motility or sperm appears lacking . After the formation of sperm disorders , given vitamin E, the number of sperm in semen , motility were improved , and the role of vitamin E as well as preventing the formation of fetal malformation . Adult adequate intake of vitamin E is 10 mg per day , natural vitamin E is the amount taken periodically . Some worry because of infertility for men can take some vitamins , while eating more lettuce , peanut and other green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils in the diet.

5 , regular daily life, work and rest, physical pleasure

Modern too late at night , drinking, excessive sedentary computer before , poor diet , lack of exercise , coupled with a balanced diet is not , over time , is bound to affect the physical condition of men and women , too much work pressure , emotional instability , depression , do not know how people cope with stress , it is likely to cause endocrine disorders, therefore , learn to arrange their work and life , work and rest , with positive energy , maintain a pleasant mood every day , helps health.