Snooze may be diabetes

Diabetics prone to lethargy , mainly because of diabetic patients with metabolic disorders , blood sugar can not be the body ( such as brain tissue ) fully utilized, resulting in elevated blood sugar, a lot of sugar in the urine , can cause

Gastric five kinds of alarm signals

1 , upper abdominal pain : This is the most common symptoms of stomach cancer. Began intermittent dull pain , often diagnosed as gastritis or ulcer disease. 2 , upper abdominal discomfort : mostly a sense of fullness or burning sensation. Ca

10 kinds of food can prevent hair loss

The first: salmon (salmon). Because the salmon rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron, but also we get good protein source. The necessary omega 3 fatty acids can support scalp health. If lack, lead to the dry scalp, give people ugly

Chinese medicine teach you natural hair care

With a glowing hair, is the common wish of a young girl. Here are several simple hair care, available for you to draw on in everyday life: Tea hair care After washing hair, and then tea wash, can make dark hair soft and shiny. Beer condition

Chinese medicine recommend kelp treatment remedies

Kelp is a high nutritional value of the vegetables, TCM medicine they call kelp. TCM holds that kelp sexual flavour salty cold has soft firm, smoothing asthma [away, however phlegm diuresis, reduce fat step-down, such as effectiveness, so of

Chinese medicine treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic joint pathological changes is given priority to, systemic, autoimmune diseases, of traditional Chinese medicine GuBi, WanBi initiative, calendar quarter, character was shown categories such as the wind. The

What wine can be used to make medicated wine?

One of the general selection by made from superior liquor (namely QuJiu, white dry, GaoLiangJiu, liquor), yellow rice wine or southern favorite rice wine do wine base, which, with the sorghum and made from glutinous rice made of white and ye

Diagnosis and treatment of children with bronchitis

Chief Complaint: Cough and expectoration for half a month. History of Present Illness: Half a month ago, the patient got cough and expectoration caused by catching a cold, accompanied with chill, fever and sore throat. Then he was led to the

Instances the diagnosis of bronchial asthma

Intermittent cough and asthma for half a year. History of Present Illness: Half a year ago, the patient got cough and asthma due to a cold. At that time, he was treated in hospital, the symptom was greatly relieved. However, he had gotten fr

Major Life Force in Our Bodies

Ancient Oriental doctors believe that as a microcosm of the universe surrounded by their people. They thought of as part of a whole a complete themselves, so that, at a single relationship, not continuous. Grew up thinking of Oriental medic

Tongue Inspection

I wonder if you come down with a cold? Stick out your tongue and say Ah! Or at least give it a glance. Your tongue is one of the easiest ways to check with your health. I recently posted a blog on how to read your face to determine the stat

Diagnosis and treatment of the basic requirements

Internal medicine is the most extensive clinical discipline that covers various categories of internal diseases often present manifestations similar to those of internal diseases at the early stage. Therefore it is important to differentiate

Traditional Chinese medicine in the diagnosis and treatment procedures

The procedure of the diagnosis and treatment for internal diseases include the following five steps: to recognize the disease based on the information obtained with the four diagnostic methods, to identify the location and nature of a diseas

Diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia

1, physical examination: Check whether the slow response in patients, with or without anemia, with or without edema. Hypertension (except for the early uremia identified or clues); abdominal mass, and whether the location (to determine the c

Breast abnormalities

(1), nipple discharge, especially bloody discharge, greater co-exist with breast cancer, particularly in women over the age of 50 appears bloody discharge, about half of the above may be malignant. (2) The limitations of thickening of the br

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods

Chinese description of the tree in disease. Conditions so that the patient's acupuncture is one of the branch. Other departments and other signs and symptoms of the condition. The fundamental reason, the disease itself, is a major source of

TCM diagnostic methods

TCM Diagnosis The human body is an organic whole, local pathological changes may affect the body. In addition, the pathological changes of internal organs may be reflected in the body surface. The diagnostic methods of traditional Chinese me

Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Pancreatic cancer earlier lack of specific clinical manifestations, the early emergence of suspicious symptoms should be carefully analyzed and the relevant inspection. 40 years of age, a few months to six months, brought to continuing abdom

The principle of gestational diabetes diet

Gestational diabetes diet control purposes are: to provide the mother and the fetus of adequate calories and nutrients, so that the mother and the fetus can be appropriately increase the weight, in line with the ideal blood glucose control,

Alcohol will not affect the diabetes

Excessive drinking can occur hyperlipidemia. The main change in blood triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration. Clinically proven not only prone to cause diabetes alcohol hyperlipidemia, and lasted longer, non-impl

Children and adult diabetes

Childhood diabetes and adult type of diabetes, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, treatment, etc. all have large differences between the two can not be equated. Adult-onset diabetes was mainly due to relatively insufficient insulin secr

Herpes virus may lead to type 2 diabetes mellitus

Over the past two decades, this atypical diabetes has become the African population of the most frequent diseases. The researchers believe that new findings will help identify potential drug targets. Paris, St. Louis, who led the study hosp

Diabetes diet choice

Food selection Food glycemic index (GI) is used to guide diabetes, obesity and other important parameters in patients with food choices. Studies have shown that low-glycemic index foods can improve insulin sensitivity, improve glucose metab

Prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy

Particularly prevalent in the course of diabetic nephropathy over 10 years with diabetes, proteinuria is the earliest manifestations of diabetic nephropathy, the pathogenesis is very complex and not yet fully clarified. Studies showed that

Childhood diabetes,should be wary

Childhood and adult diabetes is different from the clinical manifestations of acute illness, severe illness, early difficult to be found. Most children with multiple urine, polydipsia, loss of appetite (anorexia is more prevalent than the m

Diabetes and autoimmune

Q: Diabetes patients with autoimmune related to do? At present, the medical workers, based on diabetes epidemiology, pathology, serology and so many of the research data shows that diabetes is closely related to the pathogenesis of autoimmu

Type 1 diabetes

The concept of type 1 diabetes mellitus Type 1 diabetes, also known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) or juvenile diabetes, easy diabetic ketoacidosis occurs (DKA). Also known as young-onset diabetes, it is because it is often b