Yellow Urine for Men is Urethritis?

What is the color of normal urine? The color of normal urine is faint yellow. The pigment is mainly from uroflavin, a small amount of urobilin, and uroerythrin, and these substances are the product of body metabolism.When people drink less o

Premature ejaculation patient care tips

Many middle-aged men found themselves appeared premature ejaculation phenomenon, medication , there are a blind eye , in short, attitudes vary. So for premature ejaculation , the correct way , what does self-care ? Let 's look at it. Prematu

Poor treatment of male sexual function requires science treatment

Most patients experience sexual dysfunction , may feel overwhelmed. They feel too ashamed to face their loved ones , they are ashamed to face his wife export them powerless to face a happy life , over time , become buried in the depths of th

four performances of men's penises become age

People will get old. So do mens penises. Mens penises grow old mainly reflect in the following four areas: 1. Change of penis appearance A director, in Sexual Medicine Discipline in one of an American hospital, introduces that in the age of

you just need a sound sleep for the maintenance of the penis

The notion of nightly penis erections in the medical science refers to the spontaneous erection of penis when men are asleep. Every normal male has this kind of situation. The erection times are different due to ages, physical conditions and

self examination tests for testis on old men

Testicular cancer is not common in the daily life and its incidence only accounts for 1% of all cancers. But according to the statistics from American cancer association, men from 15 to 35-year- old are reluctant to see doctors, even to talk

To prevent erectile dysfunction and male impotence

In the United States alone there are about 30 million men who suffer from impotence this is certainly a calamity. Men must pay attention, wake up, take charge and follow every possible practice in order to evade the problem of impotence. The

Men how to sleep well and healthy?

Men how to sleep well and healthy? First, good habits of falling asleep and getting up on time should be fallen into. Intersection objective law of sleep and awakening should be followed, thus sleep can be stabilized t avoid exhaustion of c

Hair loss treatment Small recipe of men

Hair lose men must feel very distressed, hairless head, loses face. Today we come to exchange how to use the effective way of shampoo and conditioner to improve this trouble. Hair loss treatment Small recipe First, Grapefruit nuclear hair lo

Most men's health issues

Colorectal problems Cancer of the colon or rectum is the third most common form of cancer among American men. Several tests are used to screen for colorectal cancer. They include a digital rectal exam; fecal occult blood test to look for blo

Factors of premature ejaculation

1. mental factors: long-term over-indulgence, sexual excess, too frequent masturbation, emotional tension, emotional excitement caused by central cortex enhanced excitability of spinal ejaculation center has also increased, causing premature

Chinese medicine treatment hematospermia

Hematospermia is rare in clinical practice, usually husband and wife sex life in the red when the male sperm injection, in the modern hospital that most of them from the Vesiculitis, often associated with prostatitis complicated by this dise

Dietary treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

1, pumpkin seed: to do snacks, usually eat. 2, Shenqi winter melon soup: 15 grams of Radix Codonopsis, Astragalus 20 grams, 50 grams of melon, MSG, sesame oil, salt amount. Be Codonopsis, Astragalus placed in casserole with added water to c

middle-aged man Sleep well to be healthy

Recent survey found that: Many middle-aged men, even if already get enough sleep eight hours a day, still feel very tired, inability to concentrate, memory significantly receded, always feel that sleep is not enough, sometimes a headache, e

Which sleeping position most suitable for men

Sleeping posture sexual function would lead to consequences do? The answer is yes. For men, the best sleeping position was supine, and the legs spread apart; while prone and side of the male reproductive system may have adverse effects. Now

green tea can be very effective in fighting cholesterol was high

There are some interesting studies showing that green tea can be very effective in fighting cholesterol was high. In particular, the drink lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, the improvement of people's total cholesterol

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in American men. According to the American Cancer Society, is more than 180,000 new cases diagnosed in American men this year. The good news is that prostate cancer has a very good prognos

Study Says:Pomegranate Juice Fights Heart Disease

In China the pomegranate fruit symbolized longevity. Now there is no scientific evidence for the restoration of the powers of the fruit. Scientists have tested the juice in mice and found that) combat hardening of the arteries (atherosclero

Watermelon May Boost Libido

The researchers said the active ingredient in watermelon which is responsible for the effect is citrulline. The phytochemical can be converted in the body into an amino acid known as arginine, which is known to relax blood vessels much like viagra doe

Losers Enjoy Better Sex Life

Losing weight is not only good for your heart, it's good for your libido, according to a new analysis discussed here Monday at the annual meeting of the Obesity Society.Dieters who lost about 13% of their body weight over two years felt more sexually

Man, you may die of pulling out you beard!

In the modern world, men seldom grow a long beard, it would be cut by shavers or razors if it grows to a certain length. But a few men prefer pulling it out to cuting it. In fact, pulling out the beard is very danger, you could be killed by this hobby

Why balanitis occurs?

These organisms are especially likely to multiply and cause inflammation if moisture is allowed to persist under the foreskin for a while. This may occur if you have not washed for a couple of days, or sometimes after sexual activity (vaginal, oral or

Fashion, male ring

In the aspect of selecting rings, you can try some condensed texture such as stainless steel, titanium, which could show your temperament and bear the time rush. As for the design, simple cutting which contains best idea of great designers in the worl

Common conditions affect erectile health

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many common medications. Some of these include drugs for hypertension, allergies and congestion, depression and anxiety, as well as some tranquilizers, and appetite suppressants.

Why not lead a perfect sexual life?

Relationship issues obviously play a part. A stale relationship, poor communication, physical or emotional disinterest, etc., does not promote sexual closeness. Certain medical conditions (fatigue, depression, hypertension, diabetes, etc.)and the medi

Teeth and women's health is closely related

1, healthy teeth help to lose weight. Use dental floss to remove tartar, to avoid irritation of the gums, oral inflammation contributes far infringement. Inflammation in the body that may affect your metabolism, leading to weight gain, so d

Female reproductive tract hidden natural defense

Woman's private parts are susceptible to bacterial infestation , but the vulva , vagina, uterus and other areas susceptible women , but prescribe natural defenses , better able to block inflammation invasion. Let us explain the woman's elev

Easy to make the skin black lingerie inferior

According to the report of Japanese nationals living center found that women who wear cheap underwear after darkening of the skin, wrinkles and other conditions. Then this skin problem in the end is how it appears? Cheap underwear stitched

Anti-aging pillow helps reduce wrinkles

Do you have fine lines, wrinkles or crow's feet do? Perhaps, these skin problems are from the sleep, because you do not have a shape suitable pillow. Designed by a plastic surgeon, has patented JuveRest anti-aging pillow helps reduce wrinkl

How to diagnose senile vaginitis

Senile vaginitis, also known as atrophic vaginitis; is a non-specific vaginitis. Mostly occurs in women after menopause, but after bilateral oophorectomy or lactating women may also occur. Clinical manifestations The main symptoms are increa

How to spread women mycoplasma infection

Women after mycoplasma infection increased vaginal discharge, burning or urethra caused by pelvic inflammatory disease , salpingitis , etc. caused by infertility, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. That woman mycoplasma infection is what ca

Natural birth is the main cause of vaginal relaxation do?

Cesarean increasingly popular , in addition to fear of pain , fear of postpartum vaginal relaxation , influence their quality of life is probably also one of the important reasons. Now there are some small husband and wife becomes suspiciou

Will accelerate the aging woman overeating

Women should not eat too full diet, eat too full easily lead to brain metabolism and long-term overeat. A long time, brain cells gradually necrosis due to hypoxia, resulting in dysfunction, and even brain atrophy, causing dementia. Aging is

Breast self-examination of disease

Check for breast disease, there are many ways that a medical examination, and the other is self-examination, while in China, many scholars believe that self-examination is very suitable for Chinese people, then how self-examination of breast

Chinese medicine: the female menstrual life to four bogey

Because women and men's physical characteristics and needs are different, the decision of women to have more in life to be a taboo.

Diet can prevent breast cancer

In all diet-related diseases can be used to prevent breast measures to reduce alcohol intake is the most critical. Alcohol increases estrogen levels, while estrogen levels are too high will result in a lump. In Japan, this low fat-eating cou

Early symptoms of pregnancy

Heavy breasts, a symptom of pregnancy? Many symptoms may occur early in pregnancy, all related to the surge in sex hormones. The breasts swell, with bulging nipples, which are stained darker and are sometimes covered by small granular swell

Apple flavor can reduce women's migraines

in fact, smell the aroma of apple anxiety of patients and other bad mood that will reduce the headaches, because they focus concentration can attract patients to the pain, can then muscles and tendons of the neck and head loosening, which is

"Boots + skirt" Jalan upper body disease

Boots + skirt is the most popular dress up this winter, despite the recent sustained low temperature, but in the streets of this dress is still a lot of fashion, Ms.. It is reflected in major hospitals, wearing a short skirt, boots, knee ar

Breast Cancer Risk

Risk You understand the risks associated with breast cancer need to understand and know that every woman is at risk. This increases the risk with age. While seven of his friends lived for 90 years is a good chance of you developing breast ca

Breast cancer is a big killer of women

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women. It is very important to examine your breasts and know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, so you can seek medical advice if you find an unusual change in your breasts. The best t

cervical cancer treated

cervical cancer treated Most women's treatment will include a type of hysterectomy called a radical hysterectomy or Wertheim's hysterectomy. This type of operation is only carried out by specially trained gynaecologists. If cervical cancer

Breast cancer can be prevented?

Breast cancer can be prevented? Search with tamoxifen and certain other medicines breast cancer is still ongoing to determine whether they are appropriate options for preventing breast cancer. However, tamoxifen is associated with some side

What is breast cancer?

What is breast cancer? The best way to understand how the inside of the breast is formed is by comparing it to a bush reversed. Its leaves are known as lobules and they produce milk that drains into ducts that are branches of the tree of th

Knowing your menstrual cycle

Getting to know your cycle is essential to understanding your fertility. You need to determine what happens to your body with every step of the month (ie based on the cycle was 28 days, what happens during the first week, two weeks, three w

Women Drinkers 'Face Cancer Risk'

A health department report, which has yet to be published, says women who drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week are at increased risk. Cancer Research says alcohol causes about 2,000 breast cancer cases a year. Public Health Minister D

Pregnant Women Warned On Trans Fats

The new study on rats found that babies had a higher chance of being fat if their mother ate trans fats in pregnancy or while lactating. Eating foods rich in trans fats while pregnant or breastfeeding could lead to fatter babies, new resear

Threatened Abortion

In the late stage of pregnancy, a woman may have vaginal bleeding persisting for several days, pain and straining in the lower abdomen and soreness of the waist, as symptoms of threatened abortion.

Pregnancy Support with Acupuncture

Pregnancy is a wondrous, natural event in a woman¡¯s life. Even so, there are changes during these nine months that can be challenging. Culturally, we have adopted a largely hands-off approach to many of the physical and emotional challenges posed d

ACAOM to Participate in Study on Women's Sexual Health

The American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) has partnered with Baylor College of Medicine and the Center for Womens Sexual Health in Houston, Texas for a pilot study to evaluate the effects of acupuncture in treating low sexual d

Four principles to quick slimming

1. Fat people should diet with exercises daily to reduce the caloric 500 kilocalories. Even if one wants to loss weight, one should intake calorie not less than 1200 kilocalories each day. One should intake adequate carbohydrate, protein an

Six Ways to Respect Baby's Emotion

1. Understand your babys intention and respect his choice According to the survey, 68.8% parents think that the baby has the right to choose the skills which he likes, because inner interest is the motive power for learning. Step 1 Parents s

Hit the child's ass will affect a child's sexual function?

Hit the child's ass will affect a child's sexual function? University of New Hampshire Family Research Laboratory, a new study shows that, subject to spanking or other corporal punishment of children grow up to their problems greatly increas

diet adjustments can prevent prostate cancer

Many male friends around the world are troubled by prostatic disorders, especially prostatitis and prostatic cancer. These diseases are terrible because they are hard to cure and relapse easily. According to a survey, the prostatic cancer ra

Soya-bean milk and milk nutrition

Fresh soya-bean milk contains rich and high quality protein and various trace elements that human body needs. It is known as green milk. Its nutritive value is similar to milk. Its content of protein reaches to 2.56%, which is higher than th

men stand tiptoe is very well for kidney and aphrodisiac effect

How to do with mens kidney deficiency? Health experts have warned that men stand tiptoe is good for kidney and aphrodisiac effect, and then further improve sexual function, especially when they urinate. Methods are feet close together to the

Women's Health Living taboo

Because female and male physical characteristics and needs vary, the decision of women to have more in life to be a taboo. first, bogey menstrual hammer waist. Of women during menstruation due to pelvic congestion will make people feel a sl

Female drink flower tea

Chrysanthemum, is a drug Xin Liang Xie table. Mei gan slightly cold, with the evacuation of wind-heat, heat Pinggan eyesight, and the role of detoxification. Modern medical studies have proven that chrysanthemum has a lower blood pressure,

Man's food - oyster

Oysters, also known as oyster. Both food and medicine can be. Rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients. Its taste salty, slightly cold, mainly in the following effect: Zhuanggu Shen

Teach you get rid of a headache

Self-massage is available on weekdays where scratch or a finger, like a shampoo with natural bristles as hard-tooth comb, hair brush or wood to carry the head massage. The specific methods are: the forehead to the back of the head from the