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Insomnia, depression to differential treatment

With the continuous increase of the pressure of survival, more and more people suffering from insomnia, depression, mental disorders. Especially in the hot summer, this phenomenon is more common, the eradication of the invisible killer that

To sleep naked while fashion but not suitable for the elderly

Do not wear clothes to sleep, only cover the quilt to keep out the cold, it is very difficult to completely cover the shoulder and neck. The neck is in the middle of the Du meridian, into the hair after median straight 1 inch is Fengfu acupo

The lack of nutrients is one of the causes of cancer of the esophagus

What is the cause of esophageal cancer? In life, some bad habits can easily cause the incidence of esophageal cancer, the disease and diet, obesity, endangering the life and health of patients, which is the cause of esophageal cancer? Below

Eight kinds of massage health care law is the most beneficial sleep

A lot of people know, drink a cup of milk before bedtime helps sleep, but for milk allergy insomnia patients that may not work. In fact, in the life in addition to some diet can improve insomnia shaped, some sports health care law can play a

Moderate sun exposure helps to lower blood pressure

A new study shows that moderate sun exposure can help reduce high blood pressure , and hypertension is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. The study published in a recent issue of Skin scientific journal on that nitric oxide concent

What should be done to check cervical herniated disc

CT Scan with Myelogram to Identify a Cervical Disc Herniation An MRI is the best first test, although occasionally a CT scan with a myelogram may also be ordered, as it is more sensitive and can diagnose even subtle cases of nerve root pinch

What are the treatment of cervical herniated disc way

cervical herniated disc is a common disease , prolonged sitting can cause the disease , then the treatment of cervical herniated disc what ways? 1 , traction Or by the body's own gravity plus the gap widened between the spinal vertebrae , he

Cervical herniated disc effectively self treatment

How self-treatment of cervical herniated disc ? For people to work long hours every day has been a posture of cervical disease is most likely suffering from a disease . Now many workers will be subject to cervical disc injury, not treated ag

How to properly effective prevention of cervical herniated disc

I do not know that you noticed, in the day in which to live and work, when your legs are tired, I can sit or squat for a moment to rest his legs; When your arms tired, your arms defunct or on the sofa arm rest, you have to be to relieve fat

Four principles to quick slimming

1. Fat people should diet with exercises daily to reduce the caloric 500 kilocalories. Even if one wants to loss weight, one should intake calorie not less than 1200 kilocalories each day. One should intake adequate carbohydrate, protein an

Apoplexy Attacking the Eyes

Much alike the apoplexy attacking the brain, the apoplexy attacking the eyes is commonly found among middle-aged and elderly people. Hypertension, diabetics, dyslipidemia and arteriosclerosis etc. are basic pathological changes for this dise

2014 should learn to do five things to help improve women health

Meditation Meditation has been shown to improve immune system function, help lower blood pressure, help relieve stress and improve overeating. For both body and mind have a positive effect , is the perfect way to improve . Optimism Optimism

Excessive drinking prone to cause cancer

Moderate alcohol consumption has been shown to exist on the potential health benefits , especially for people who suffer from cardiovascular problems , at dinner with family and friends, enjoy a glass or two glasses of wine , really good cho

Dermatologist tells you: how to remove stretch marks?

For most women who had given birth , stretch marks are inevitable troubles, 3-6 months of pregnancy , more than 70 % of pregnant women belly skin will appear pink or purple irregular longitudinal cracks in the production gradually faded silv

Women keep the heart healthy tips: Exercise stress reduction smoking cessation

The threat of heart problems for women than men have gradually become the number one women's health killer , which is why we need to focus on women's heart health research , I hope you can benefit , effectively reducing the risk of disease ,

Nutrition and diet skin beauty

Human tissue water content of 72% solution , adult body water content of 58% to 67 %. When the body moisture reduction , make the skin dry , reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands , so that the skin loses its elasticity , even wrinkle

How to prevent senile vaginitis

When the beginning of senile vaginitis, vaginal discharge is not much, however, is watery, after developing a serious, no timely treatment, ask your doctor to see, sometimes it can become purulent, and even there Some odor, the smell is bad

Diabetes causes micturition obstacles

Voiding dysfunction caused by diabetes , also known as diabetic bladder disease , its symptoms mainly as abdominal swelling , urgency, frequent urination , urine dripping prolonged urination , weak urinary stream , alternating with the inte

4 methods to lose weight fast

1. Fat people should diet with exercises daily to reduce the caloric 500 kilocalories. Even if one wants to loss weight, one should intake calorie not less than 1200 kilocalories each day. One should intake adequate carbohydrate, protein and

Benefits of Vitamins for the human body

Vitamin plays a important role for our health. So, we should complement vitamin to prevent spring fever and keep a good health. Multi-Vitamins Even we usually ignore vitamins in the foods because of busy work, we should supplement some multi

Six Ways to Respect Baby's Emotion

1. Understand your babys intention and respect his choice According to the survey, 68.8% parents think that the baby has the right to choose the skills which he likes, because inner interest is the motive power for learning. Step 1 Parents s

Come and learn the most healthy way of life

The Best Time for Losing Weight It is best time to lose weight 45 minutes after meals and having a walk up to 1,600m in 20 minutes is regarded as the most helpful to lose weight, while it is more effective if doing exercise for 2 hours, toge

Improve the metabolism of the ear massage

The autonomic nervous system is closely related to mental anxiety and abnormal hormone secretion. So, stimulating the ear frequently is one of ways to warm the body. Although a body massage is very important, massaging the ear regularly and

Six practical common remedies to treat black eye

Many young friends are annoyed by black eye. Then what should we do to solve these problems? If it appears for a short time, it will be OK, while if it occurs for a long time, it should be noticed. Are there any convenient and feasible ways

Children should be how to deal with burns

Burns is one of the high incidence of children of children accidents. Lives, families with children should be based on their own circumstances, to take preventive measures . First, do not use children's bath water temperature is too high , t

Health hazards of obesity worse than lonely

Core Tip: The study found an increased risk of long-term solitary cause of premature death by 14% , its long-term health damage , just as bad as being overweight and poor . A new study shows that long-term health risks of extreme loneliness

Good fruit is sour or sweet good?

Core Tip: not content with the sweetness of the fruit of the relationship between nutrients and health ingredients. In general, for the same kind of fruit, slightly sour flavor varieties , including vitamin and antioxidant higher. 1 pick fru