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Use color mood, let you good mood every day

In ancient times, many people believe that the color has a certain magic, scientists today believe that the human brain has the color of a link , a different color for the human body , emotion has a profound impact on thinking and behavior .

Middle-aged more exercise,not muscular atrophy

A new study suggests that middle age more exercise to prevent the old muscle atrophy. According to the latest research at the university of Tokyo in Japan, middle age more exercise to prevent the old muscle atrophy. Researchers picked 1000 J

10 kinds of food help you lose weight and stovepipe

1.Sea sedge Sea sedge contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2. Besides, the mineral substance and the cellulose in it benefit the regulation of body fluid a lot and can help to remove the rubbish and the accumulative water out of the bod

Improve Child's Memory Effectively for ten Parent Child Games

Animal games Purpose: develop memory Play: Mother gets the animal toys together and numbers each animal toy. In the beginning, mother puts each toy stand in its number and please lets baby remember. Then mother picks up the number


Childbirth can be thought of as both the beginning and the end of something. It's the end of your pregnancy but the beginning of a new life with your baby. Being prepared for childbirth, including labor and delivery, will help make the entir

start breastfeeding

Providing nutrition for your newborn is crucial. The best source of that nutrition, according to just about every medical source, is a mother's breast milk. Human milk contains just the right amount of fat, sugar, water and protein for human

During pregnancy and Nutrition

During pregnancy A healthy diet is one that includes nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and protein, while limiting the intake of saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, added sugars, salt and alcohol. If you are eating a

Third Trimester (Week 29 - Week 40)

You in the third trimester You're almost there. During the third trimester, you may experience some of the same discomforts as you did in the second trimester. There also could be a few more to add onto the list. Your growing baby is puttin

Second Trimester (Week 13 - Week 28)

As you move from week 13 to 28, you may be experiencing some of the following symptoms: * back, abdomen, groin and/or thigh pain (changes in blood circulation and stress of carrying the extra weight could be to blame, according to MOD) * sk

First Trimester (Week 1 - Week 12)

You in the first trimester Baby on board; it's not just a popular car sign. You've got an extra passenger tagging along. Only there aren't four wheels under this one. Your baby needs your body for a safe ride. It all starts in the first mon

Pregnancy Possible complications

Possible complications You should also discuss possible complications in advance with your healthcare practitioner. Your body is undergoing major changes as it grows a baby. Those changes can have an impact on other systems in your body. * G

Pregnancy weight gain

Although it's a good idea to reach a healthy weight before becoming pregnant, it is definitely not a good idea to lose weight once you do become pregnant. All women, even those who are overweight, need to gain weight during pregnancy, in or

Morning sickness

Tests The American Academy of Family Physicians says there are many tests that a doctor or midwife can run on you during your pregnancy to help determine if your fetus has a problem. These include: * Ultrasound is becoming more and more comm

Pregnancy dangers

While there are many things that you should do to help insure a healthy pregnancy there are also things that you need to avoid. From alcohol to drugs, to even a soak in a hot tub, your developing baby can be at risk. The March of Dimes warn

Prenatal health care

Prenatal care * Early prenatal care is essential. Ideally, you should see a healthcare practitioner even before you get pregnant. This gives you a chance to get your body in the healthiest shape possible. For example, you may need to reach y

when's the baby due?

If you've just found out you're pregnant, one of your next questions is when's the baby due? Due Date Calculator It's hard to predict exactly, but our calculator can give you an idea. Keep in mind, however, that only five percent of women de

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman. It can also be a difficult and challenging time. Prenatal care is crucial to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. A pregnant woman has many decisions to make including who will provide care to he

Recognition of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In ancient Chinese civilization, astronomy, mathematics agriculture and medicine were the four advanced sciences Maybe it is improper to call them sciences, but they were really the four complete systems of knowledge and skill developed in a

Diet therapy for impotence

goat kidney 1 pair, mutton 100g, Chinese chive 150g, gouqi30g, rice fruit 100g. goat kidney will be cut in half, cut-like nails; mutton and Chinese chives Wash. The first, mutton, gouqi, rice fruit put the pot, the amount of water, slow fire

TCM treatment of senile constipation

Nutritional therapy has good effect to relieve constipation of senior citizen. Herba cistanches, root of straight ladybell and gen-seng benefit qi and nourish the blood. Walnut, semen sesame, pine nut and semen pruni mainly are rich in oil

Healthy diet keep away from gastric cancer

As early as in the late of East Han Dynasty, a doctor whose name is Zhang Zhongjing figured out in his book Synopsis of Golden Chamber: some food is suitable to eat and some is harmful to the health, the suitable food is useful to humans an

Do not hurt the pride of the elderly

First, plan the daily life for the elder. When they have retired, the work and living environment will have a great change, so the spiritual needs of the elderly will tend to be stronger. The children can make a living, learning and playing

how to nourish hair

TCM holds that alopecia is divided into hepatic and renal yin deficiency, insufficiency of vital energy and blood, and damp abundance due to splenic asthenia. Hence, when nurse one's health with food and drink, one should differentiate appe

Whitening Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ingredients: angelica root, sweet root, nucleolus, angelica root, green gram starch, white sandalwood and so on to grin it into powder. The method of covering it on face: honey, milk and 1/4 egg white, sufficient quantum cover on your whole

Diet therapy for preventing aging

TCM holds that traditional Chinese medicines always emphasize recuperative medical care of diet. Middle-aged woman have three kinds methods prevention and cure of senium : 1. Lean meat of pig ridge porridge can prevent dry skin, less hair: t

Soups help the body healthy

Ingredients: 150 grams RHIIZOMA DIOSCOREAE, 500 grams mutton, 1000 grams soybean milk, sufficient quantum of green onion, salt and ginger. Prescription: 1. wash mutton and cut it into piece. 2. wash rhiizoma dioscoreae and cut it then put it

Beauty Mask

Mask for nourishing face 1. A half cup of cooked oats, a egg, a spoon of almond oil 2. A quarter of cheese and a quarter of milk 3. Wheat embryo powder, semen powder and egg yellow. Mask, beauty face 1. Ginseng cream for moistening skin: gi