middle-aged man Sleep well to be healthy


Recent survey found that: Many middle-aged men, even if already get enough sleep eight hours a day, still feel very tired, inability to concentrate, memory significantly receded, always feel that sleep is not enough, sometimes a headache, e

Recent survey found that: Many middle-aged men, even if already get enough sleep eight hours a day, still feel very tired, inability to concentrate, memory significantly receded, always feel that sleep is not enough, sometimes a headache, eat a lot of tonic of no help. This is typical of obstructive sleep hypopnea syndrome (ASOHS) performance.

Obstructive sleep hypopnea syndrome is a sleep disorder, often occurs in middle-aged men, obesity, alcoholism and a habit of people taking sleeping pills. Patients during sleep, due to various reasons will be no airflow through the upper respiratory tract and can not breathe or suffocation caused by temporary suspension of breathing, and often woke up from their sleep by choke. A similar situation can happen dozens of times in one night, while patients do not know it. Because each time to wake up choking takes only 10 to 20 seconds, the patient may not be aware of. Can not sleep because the brain is not fully repaired, so even get enough sleep 10 hours, although he is still feeling tired.

Experts pointed out: sleep quality, quality is not high on the health of the damage is hidden, chronic, long-term. Since a long period of brain hypoxia, in addition to some of these symptoms, the patient will appear slow on the drive are concerned, this is a traffic risks, the patient will be emotionally unstable, irritable, irritability, insomnia and then, and even impotence. Hypoxia will increase blood viscosity, but also may cause high blood pressure, abnormal heartbeat, if heart and lung function damage, causing stroke, heart disease and even sudden death. . Patients who had had cardiovascular disease, symptoms will be aggravated therefor.

Therefore, if male friends find that they have those symptoms over time, we must pay attention, do not sleep well because of his casually taking sleeping pills in time to the hospital to check is the key.


Even if it cares about, your "beer belly" would still be there, not only because of usual eating habits alone issue, it is likely due to your "junk sleep." "Sleep well, and my heart trouble, there are a lot of work not done"; stay up all night to write the planning, often at night dreaming, thinking of the brain the total unfinished work. This "sleepless nights," the symptoms continue for some time, it will make you feel good "heavy" the. In fact because of "junk sleep", your weight is indeed increased.


Depression, often feel tired or lack of energy, restlessness, irritability, and even have a "to die," the idea that these are all manifestations of depression. We often hear the phrase "depression, insomnia," saying, indeed, insomnia and depression, there is a natural link between the. "Junk sleep" will lead to the spirit of apathetic, depression, decreased quality of work, things have been very difficult because there is no sleep and be more likely to do well, do good to stay up late to work overtime, if things continue to form a vicious circle.




The morning to go out to work and found that forget to bring done the planning, hurry home, to the life and death at home but can not remember to forget to bring what; the company's morning meeting, the boss can see your eyes clearly, slack, slow when answering questions, often error; day's work began, the leadership obviously has just been ordered off work, but you looked at the figures of the leadership of left scratching their heads, "the leadership did not seem to say ... ..."


Every night, because you grunt fights other people could not sleep, others thought that you slept very soundly. In fact, because snoring, but also let you sleep do not recover from fatigue. Not only that, sometimes at night because of snoring choke himself awake and suffering from chronic pharyngitis. In addition, the next morning to get up will also feel a headache, dry mouth, not the spirit of the day, attention decreased, mood is still very irritability.


You may think that "junk sleep" is just a bad living habits, but if to tell you, "junk sleep" could lead to cancer, would you be surprised? Yes, "cancer" is a word people hear of discoloration most likely caused by unhealthy simply because of sleep, good sleep is a magic weapon against cancer disease.



Customary alopecia

Hair the morning, we found a lot of a lot of hair to fall off, and even themselves were startled. Watching a beautiful hair every day, a reduction had to reluctantly part with, cut short hair. Do you ever thought, this is from the "junk sleep" caused it? Sleep time, no obvious relationship between the duration of hair loss, but hair loss is closely related with sleep quality.

middle-aged man Sleep well to be healthy