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How to prevent the recurrence of the Inflammation vulva ?

To prevent the recurrence of the disease need to pay attention to the following points: 1, the treatment should be complete: the need to use the correct medicine under the guidance of professional doctors and also continue to symptomatic tre

Girl dysmenorrhea how to ease

Dysmenorrhea, a let the abhorrence of the female menstrual disease, no girl will encounter this kind of situation, the dysmenorrhea pain up really terrible, I believe only female friends can understand. So, below me, said the girl how to rel

3 parts of a woman's most likely to be old

With the increase of age, age is an inevitable natural law. For women, aging is the most afraid of the face of the problem. A lot of people think that old age from the beginning, the fact is not so, the woman's most likely to have three part

What early signs of ovarian cyst

Ovarian cyst is ovarian the floorboard true tumor and ovarian lesions, which is similar to the shape of. True tumors are benign and malignant, were performed operation. Ovarian neoplasia, also known as non neoplasitc ovarian cyst, including

What are the reasons of the endometrial bleeding?

What are the reasons of the endometrial bleeding? This is a lot of women friends in the hearts of doubt. Gynecological expert introduction, normal uterine bleeding is the bleeding, bleeding, menstrual cycle law. Abnormal uterine bleeding ref

What is the formation of uterine fibroids?

Uterine leiomyoma is refers to the length of the uterus tumor, this tumor generally is benign, can get effective treatment by surgery, uterine fibroids for women the harm is quite large, serious can cause cancer and infertile, so the majorit

Female note: cervical cancer can be transmitted

Women are prone to a wide variety of diseases, according to statistics, the incidence of cervical cancer every year in the rising, and the incidence of young people are younger. Hopki, an expert on immunology and infectious diseases in Canad

How does uric road infection cause?

Urinary tract infection, I believe many people have heard of. This is a common disease of the urinary system, mainly for frequent micturition, dysuria, urgency, lumbar pain, urine abnormalities, if not timely treatment, can cause other infla

Women suffering from hemorrhoids can cause pelvic inflammatory disease?

Women suffering from hemorrhoids can cause pelvic inflammatory disease? Experts, hemorrhoids will also have the potential to cause pelvic inflammatory disease. For close to the anus and vagina often lead to the condition of a large number of

Don't ignore the pain often abdominal gynecological diseases

In recent years, the incidence of gynecological diseases are rising, many female friends are subject to gynecological diseases. Some gynecological diseases will attack again, so active prevention. So the female friend should be how to preven

What is the harm of pelvic infection?

What is the harm of pelvic infection? Pelvic inflammatory disease is generally more common in married women, many patients are from acute to chronic. Clinical on gynecological diseases of female health hazards is can not be overlooked, becau

What are the symptoms of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a very common also difficult disease of Department of gynaecology, if not treated in time, easy to cause the chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, recurrent disease, and difficult to cure. So for pelvic inflamma

Studies have found that anti HIV drugs can prevent cervical cancer

Recently, scientists have found that cervical cancer can be used to prevent AIDS drugs. A couple of University of Manchester's research team found that HIV drugs can kill the human papillomavirus, which causes cervical cancer. They found tha

Cervical cancer screening should also be detected by HPV

Cervical cancer is the third most common female cancer in the world. Nearly 500000 women worldwide are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, and the death rate is as high as 50%, mainly in Asia. Almost all cervical cancer (99%) cases are

Cervical cancer prevention can not rely on vaccine? Must be screened regularly every year

In addition the following 6 types of human population is easy to suffer from cervical cancer, 1, Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, 96.7% cervical cancer patients had HPV infection; 2, genital herpes virus infection; multiple sexual partn

Cervical cancer: the world's only clear cause of cancer

Easy early detection, early diagnosis The occurrence of cervical cancer is a result of many factors, at present a large number of clinical studies has confirmed that is closely related to cervical cancer and human papillomavirus; and the Wor

Prevention of uterine cancer attention to ten major taboo

Chocolate, cake, a cup of pudding, cheese, these are female preference for sweets, but experts say that excessive consumption of sweets on the uterus, although there is no direct harm, but there are also indirect bad influence. So, eat sweet

The most common cause of cervical cancer

With sexual life and marriage relationship between sexual life prematurely (before the age of 18 or sexual life of women, cervical cancer incidence rate is 18 years after the beginning of life to four times higher. Women's sexual life, start

What is the effect of cervical cancer vaccine?

In the great damage to the cervical cancer in many among women who are very young, some patients with cervical cancer need to earn a living, some even don't have kids. The treatment of cervical cancer is likely to lead to infertility in the

Does the condom increase the risk of infection of gynecological inflammation?

Why condoms may bring a gynecological inflammation Under normal circumstances, there are a large number of microbial population in the vagina, of which more than 90% of Lactobacillus, lactic acid bacteria is also known as the vaginal guards.

Often wear tight jeans easily get vaginitis

Doctors have warned, skinny jeans may be due to nerve damage caused by the tight, do harm to our health. Often wear tight jeans are susceptible to feel abnormal patellofemoral pain syndrome, feeling abnormal femoral pain also known as latera

How women in life can prevent vaginitis

How women in life can prevent vaginitis Women who suffer from vaginitis, in addition to their own health status, and the health of women friends, habits and customs are inseparable. So in normal life for the prevention of vaginitis is very c

Female infertility or bacterial sex vaginitis to blame

Female infertility or bacterial sex vaginitis to blame Under normal circumstances, the bacteria in the vagina is more balanced, and the pH value is more balanced (the pH value is about 3.8-4.5). This is suitable for the temporary retention o

Atrophic vaginitis is not inflammation

Rutgers University in New Jersey New Jersey Medical School Debra S. Heller, such as atrophy vaginitis cytologic diagnosis whether can become the histological inflammation of the reliability index are discussed, and publish the results of in

What is the cause of vaginal itching

What is the cause of vaginal itching 1 bacterial infections. The most common cause of pruritus vulvae is fungal vaginitis and Trichomonas vaginitis. The typical symptom of mould sex vaginitis is vulva Sao to itch and itching when light weigh

Vaginal itching what is the cause

Vaginal itching what is the cause 1. The bacterial infections. Outside the itch of the most common reason is mould sex vaginitis and trichomonas vaginitis. The typical symptom of mould sex vaginitis is vulva itch, and itching symptoms when l

TCT examination result how, abnormal test results is not necessarily the cancer

TCT examination are one of the most advanced international cervical cytology examination technology, compared with the traditional cervical pap smears of smears obviously increase the detection rate for the specimens of satisfaction and abno