Prevention And Rehabilitation

Tea can prevent cancer

First, how tea anti-cancer An anti-cancer effect of green tea Some researches proved that no matter what kind of tea, chemical carcinogenicity in experimental animals or metastatic tumors, have varying degrees of control effect. Either endo

Naturopathic medicine treatment of pharyngitis

Most sore throat is caused by bacteria are generally divided into two kinds of acute laryngitis and chronic laryngitis , pharyngitis is a common disease in the throat . Pharyngitis care should be taken to prevent the cold , diet should be l

Running can relieve mood swings

Running can relieve mood swings Feeling down Psychologists say we can for a run this sentence , or have some reason. Most were low because of lack of exercise, but running is an aerobic exercise , in addition to some exercise outside, but a

Depression may also be a headache

Depression is a very common disease , but do you really know about it ? A survey showed : There are 73.65% of people do not understand the true suffering from depression symptoms . Many people assume that depression is a mental illness , th

Female depression prevention

Depression is a serious psychological cold , the high incidence , but this should be relatively high incidence is 62.9 % of patients with depression never seek medical treatment after . Because there are many people suffering from depressio

How to avoid depression and qualitative characteristics of depression?

Classic depressive personality traits characteristic of qualitative Depression qualitative behavior of the crowd is generally eccentric personality , attentive sensitive , introverted shy , sentimental, indecisive . Psychological characteri

The study found that poor sleep quality affect the old memory

Researchers recently found that due to the brain caused by the recession grow older , making the elderly decreased sleep quality , resulting in their memory weakened. The researchers believe that by stimulating the appropriate regions of the

Does leukaemia genetic?

Leukemia parents to a second child is possible, do not be leukemia genetic problem plagued . The key is in the preparation of conception , both sides must be in good physical and mental state, and try to avoid infections and exposure to harm

Common early symptoms of leukemia common

First, anemia. Anemia is often the first symptom of leukemia , mainly as pallor , weakness , fatigue, sweating, regardless of activity or at rest , feel shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat. With the passage of time gradually increased, the

Old people in the poor quality of sleep can lead to joint pain

Osteoarthritis, articular cartilage degenerative diseases due to wear , aging is usually the most important factor. However , aging is not the only factor. Other factors such as physiological factors, psychological factors and certain lifest

American Heart Association guidelines for stroke prevention was first released women

Stroke terrible, not only because the incidence was critical , as well as paralysis , language, disability and a series of irreversible sequelae. However, many people believe that stroke often only with potbellied , wine left hand smoke succ

Unity of physique and spirit

Physique refers to the configuration and constitution of the human body consisting of the tissues and organs of muscle, blood vessels, tendons, bones, viscera, etc. as the material base of mare spirit refers to the mental activities such as

Man's relevant adaptation to nature

TCM believes man and universe, all vital activities and nature are closely related to each other, and man should keep harmony with nature at any time in anywhere. This is the thought of man's relevant adaptation to nature. Only when the con

Traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health to teach you how to slow the aging

Ageing is the natural law of normal human vital activities. Reasonable health preservation measures may delay the occurrence of physiological ageing, block the progress of pathological ageing so as to prolong human life span. Premature agein

Life span and health

TCM classic Huangdi Neijing, or Canon of Medicine, holds that life consists of qi( qi belongs to the classical philosophical category, referring to the basic element which constitutes everything in the world). The balance and harmony of the

traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health: health and longevity

The integration of life with nature TCM believes that man lives amidst the universe and his vital activities are inevitably influenced by the natural laws of material movement. Therefore, all the activities of the human body inevitably has f

Cancer can leave a person in a weakened state and suffering

Cancer Cancer can leave a person in a weakened state and suffering from side effects of treatment. Those side effects can vary: * lymphedema is swelling caused by the buildup of too much lymph fluid in the tissues. It usually affects the ar

Speech therapy is designed to help people with conditions

Speech therapy Speech therapy (ST) is designed to help people with conditions that affect their speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, swallowing, fluency and other related disorders. This can include, but is not limited to: * st

Occupational therapy involves getting the patient back to functioning successfully in daily living h

Occupational therapy Occupational therapy can help people with varied conditions from injuries, diseases and mental health conditions. Some of those conditions include: * spinal cord injuries * cerebral palsy * muscular dystrophy * stroke *

Physical therapy is a crucial part of many rehabilitation programs

Physical therapy Physical therapy (PT) is a crucial part of many rehabilitation programs. A physical therapist will plan exercises to help you retrain your muscles and adjust the way you need to. You'll probably have some discomfort, but th

that rehabilitation can involve many issues including

that rehabilitation can involve many issues including that rehabilitation can involve many issues including: * pain caused by arthritis, injury to the neck or back or disease conditions such as fibromyalgia * serious injuries resulting in tr

Health and longevity on harmony

The theories of TCM stress the significance of harmony and balance. It holds that the substance metabolism of the human body should include ascension and descension, that psychology and physiology should be mutually harmonious and that psych

Tuberculosis patients can not eat eggplant

TB is a chronic wasting disease, including tuberculosis is more common. Patients need high-protein (protein supplement products, protein supplements information), high-sugar, high-fat and other nutrient-rich food. However, it was reported th

Prevention measures for tuberculosis

Extrapulmonary tuberculosis is generally not contagious. The main mode of transmission of tuberculosis is through droplet infection through the respiratory tract. Tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, chronic respiratory infe

Children's symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis

Childhood tuberculosis disease because the TB bacilli, the Department of Mycobacterium genus. How to guard against a child contracted tuberculosis 1, family member or close contact with relatives, neighbors, suffering from tuberculosis, espe

Symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis

The long-term low heat or high fever, fatigue, weakness, weight loss, night sweats, are systemic symptoms of tuberculosis; cough, sputum, hemoptysis, chest pain, breathing difficulties respiratory symptoms of tuberculosis. 1, systemic sympto

Mud bath

Unique natural hot mineral mud forms in the central zone of the hot spring in some places with the hot spring due to prolonged moistening of spring water. The temperature of the mud remains 42 to 60℃ and the mud contains a large amount of