Tea can prevent cancer


First, how tea anti-cancer An anti-cancer effect of green tea Some researches proved that no matter what kind of tea, chemical carcinogenicity in experimental animals or metastatic tumors, have varying degrees of control effect. Either endo

First, how tea anti-cancer

An anti-cancer effect of green tea

Some researches proved that no matter what kind of tea, chemical carcinogenicity in experimental animals or metastatic tumors, have varying degrees of control effect. Either endogenous or exogenous radicals have carcinogenic effects, but natural antioxidants can scavenge free radicals, so this natural antioxidant that has anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect on the subject of attention. Green tea is rich in "TP" and other natural antioxidants, before or after dinner drink, a variety of antioxidants in the free radical scavenging will be synergies, can show green tea's anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

2, green tea polyphenols, "is an important green tea anti-cancer substance

Green tea green tea polyphenol content is five times the ordinary green tea can reduce the incidence of certain cancers, but scientists have wondered, what is substance in what preventive effect, so it can not be determined how much green tea a day should drink only effect.

Green tea polyphenols may be just one of the substances in green tea have anti-cancer effects. They also found that green tea polyphenols molecular structure with the anticancer drug methotrexate (Methotrexate) structure similar.

DHFR to healthy cells and cancer cells are essential, green tea polyphenols on DHFR binding strong, but weaker than methotrexate tablets, so the healthy cells of side effects will be smaller than the anti-cancer drug.

3, anti-cancer effect of tea

After comparing the efficacy of a variety of green tea, tea found to kill cancer cells more strongly reduced, long-term consumption of tea in cancer patients, cancer polygonal contraction rounded pseudopodia reduce shrinkage, loss of adhesion and migration capabilities, even float off the loss; residues were also smaller round enrichment, nuclear condensation, chromatin condensation or disappeared, vacuoles appeared in nuclear and plasma, condensation or fragmentation nucleolus disappear, shrink or mutual spasm chromosome condensation, ribose body reduced mitochondria and endoplasmic Gang expansion; RNA synthesis decreased mitotic stopped. These changes prove that the cancer cells in the pharmacological effects of tea, deaths from degeneration trend.
Tea can prevent cancer
Tea can prevent cancer

According to recent research shows that, regardless of drinking tea or drinking green tea can prevent prostate cancer, but also helps to lower cholesterol, reduce cell damage caused by smoking, or even prevent heart disease.

Foreign researchers on 20 male patients with prostate cancer to investigate, they drank five cups of green tea before surgery, tea, etc. every day after surgery to analyze the blood and prostate tissue found in their tissue samples, higher levels of phenols, After adding black tea, green tea or soda in the culture medium of cancer cells found that tumor growth rate significantly slowed.

2, drinking green tea is good for the prevention of ovarian cancer

Australian and Chinese researchers recently found through experiments that green tea can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer in women, the incidence of drinking green tea every day of women with ovarian cancer than other women reduced by nearly 60%.

Researchers Curtin University, Australia and China, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital to ascertain the cause of ovarian cancer in 900 women who carried out the experiment. Of these, 254 people have been identified with ovarian cancer, 652 women human health. It was found that drinking tea every day, especially green tea can significantly reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer in women. In addition to tea, a number of other factors, such as smoking, oral contraceptives, physical exercise and a family history of ovarian cancer will have different effects on ovarian cancer.

3, drinking green tea can prevent skin cancer

New Hampshire, Dartmouth Medical School researchers have found that drinking a few cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of two common skin cancer risk.

After According to Reuters, the Institute research team led by Judy Rees studied 2,200 adults in the diet and health found that people suffering from tea squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma, two common skin less risk of cancer. People over a cup of tea a day, the likelihood of suffering from both cancer 20-30% lower than non-tea drinkers.

Research shows that there is a tea called EGCG antioxidant, and can limit the ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin. In a few decades, tea, and drink at least two cups of tea a day for men, this effect is more pronounced.

Experts Study Group noted that these findings do not mean that as long as the sun do not drink tea. There is no evidence that tea may reduce the risk of several people who tan skin tingling skin cancer.