Sugar is hitting headlines right now – here's how to cut down on your intake

Sugar has never so controversial. Then, earlier this week, findings were released by charity Action On Sugar, that revealed some high street hot drinks contained as many as 20 teaspoons of sugar. There is burgeoning pressure for the governme

Winter prevent cervical pain, need warm

Winter is the neck shoulder pain prone season, the other seasons do not feel obvious symptoms of cervical spondylosis after the winter often appear or worsen. It is worth noting, cervical pathogen in the elderly is the high incidence of dise

Daily home care of ADHD

1, must be practical for ADHD children, don't like normal children as strict, as long as his hyperactivity behavior to control it, don't ask for too much. 2, to put too much energy to guide out parents and teachers to organize them to partic

The 10 most unwelcome gesture

Parents divorce may lead to child obesity research

Divorce family children more prone to obesity. A study in Norway showed that obese children, divorce is 1.54 times that of ordinary families children. The researchers studied 3166 Norway students' height, weight and waist circumference, cont

Yoga can reduce menopausal women insomnia

Many menopausal women suffering from insomnia , however , a new study has found that if menopausal women on the 12-week yoga classes , and a lot of practicing yoga at home can alleviate insomnia , but yoga to improve hot flashes and night sw

Hair of the four questions reflect physical symptoms

Like nails and is closely linked to human health , the hair can react to our health, the following four signs on the hair , may indicate the presence of some of the issues your body. Hair becomes valuables . If you have recently started thin

Health experts teach you how to wear high heels

In the beautiful behind high heels , you may face the following major injury : Sprained ankle : ideal heel height should not exceed 2 inches, or they may easily cause ankle sprains, if you take a long walk, the best choice for more stability

Often catch hair was susceptible to blood disease

Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Like with leukemia, which is a hematological malignancy, treatment effect is poor, the incidence rate of 2 to 3 times leukemia. Secondary MDS often obvious predisposing factors. The main component of hair dye

Hug helps strengthen the immune system stay healthy

Core Tip: Embrace is a way people express emotion , it can not only soothe tired of our hearts , but also can optimize their physiological organ function , strengthen the immune system. Several hug every day , so you get rid of disease probl

Chinese scraping therapy, elimination of body fat

Person's weight gain, and a number of factors, including the accumulation of excessive adipose tissue is an important reason. In addition, the organization or body cavity in excessive retention of water, and muscular, but also can gain weigh

Nine Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Cut Down on Calories, Especially in the Evening Obesity and overweight have been associated with numerous cardiovascular diseases and complications, including heart attack, congestive heart failure, sudden cardiac death, angina and chest pa

Guide to Combating Allergies

What will you find in this Guide? The goal of our Online Guide to Allergies and Nutrition is to provide allergy sufferers with extensive information on how to treat and get rid of allergies at home with appropriate nutrition. The page you a

Exercise can relieve stress for you

Virtually any form of exercise, from aerobics to weightlifting, can act as a stress reliever. If you're not an athlete or even if you're downright out of shape, you can still make a little exercise go a long way toward stress management. Dis

Apples May Keep Asthma Away

Eating four or more apples a week during pregnancy appeared to lower the risk of asthma in the women's children, according to a study in Thorax. For the research, scientists tracked the eating habits of more than 1,200 pregnant women and the

Apple cider vinegar can prevent the H1N1 virus?

In fact, a kind of apple cider vinegar is just vinegar, while the use of vinegar, Compendium of Materia Medica records that: Vinegar can be swelling, bulk water, gas, killing cult poison, the justifications for various drugs, Clearly, the vi

Maternity Yoga

Special Note Should pay attention to the activity of self-protection, to avoid wrestling, collision abdomen. In late pregnancy, pregnant mothers do not suitable for prolonged bending or squatting movements, so as not to cause pressure abdom

Handwashing to prevent influenza

15, is the world hand-washing day, the theme of handwashing to prevent a stream. By the Chinese Ministry of Health, Red Cross co-sponsored by Procter Gamble in China, a series of promotional activities throughout the country. Meanwhile, m

Eating garlic can prevent the influenza?

Garlic known as the natural broad-spectrum antibiotics, right purulent cocci, staphylococcus, meningococcus, pneumococcus, tuberculosis, dysentery bacillus, typhoid bacillus, Escherichia coli, Helicobacter pylori, etc. obviously inhibit or

Cactus can lose weight

Lipid-lowering diet can only use herbs to lose weight and can not use any diuretic, diarrhea and limit dietary approach. The use of these methods are futile and unscientific. Cactus in the lipid-lowering diet is unique in this respect. And

The benefits and principles of acupuncture to lose weight

Acupuncture is the Chinese cultural legacy, through the study of traditional Chinese medicine experts in acupuncture, ear acupuncture and body acupuncture using the method of combining may be carried out on the symptomatic treatment of obes

What is acupuncture to lose weight?

Modern medicine more than simple obesity associated with endocrine disorders, a variety of hormones, especially insulin, sex hormones, adrenal cortical hormone, leptin and other abnormalities, endocrine through acupuncture to restore balanc

Chinese Weight Loss From the personalized start

Exercise, diet, . These are all accustomed to using the method of obesity. However, in the Chinese view, with obesity, but very different syndromes, such as obesity and adolescent obesity is not the same as the elderly, youth obesity, mostl

Women more prone to HIV infection

Lack of sexual knowledge Relative to men, women are still difficult to obtain information on the prevention of AIDS is the world the fact that in most countries and regions. In many countries and regions, their socio-cultural concept of req

Kissing may transmit STDs?

That depends on whether both sides have venereal diseases, kissing the depth of intensity, whether the two sides mouth damage, etc. in foreign countries in a short time followed by kissing with the same icon, while the occurrence of cases o

Teeth and women's health is closely related

1, healthy teeth help to lose weight. Use dental floss to remove tartar, to avoid irritation of the gums, oral inflammation contributes far infringement. Inflammation in the body that may affect your metabolism, leading to weight gain, so d

Female reproductive tract hidden natural defense

Woman's private parts are susceptible to bacterial infestation , but the vulva , vagina, uterus and other areas susceptible women , but prescribe natural defenses , better able to block inflammation invasion. Let us explain the woman's elev

Four principles to quick slimming

1. Fat people should diet with exercises daily to reduce the caloric 500 kilocalories. Even if one wants to loss weight, one should intake calorie not less than 1200 kilocalories each day. One should intake adequate carbohydrate, protein an

Easy to make the skin black lingerie inferior

According to the report of Japanese nationals living center found that women who wear cheap underwear after darkening of the skin, wrinkles and other conditions. Then this skin problem in the end is how it appears? Cheap underwear stitched

Anti-aging pillow helps reduce wrinkles

Do you have fine lines, wrinkles or crow's feet do? Perhaps, these skin problems are from the sleep, because you do not have a shape suitable pillow. Designed by a plastic surgeon, has patented JuveRest anti-aging pillow helps reduce wrinkl

How to diagnose senile vaginitis

Senile vaginitis, also known as atrophic vaginitis; is a non-specific vaginitis. Mostly occurs in women after menopause, but after bilateral oophorectomy or lactating women may also occur. Clinical manifestations The main symptoms are increa

How to spread women mycoplasma infection

Women after mycoplasma infection increased vaginal discharge, burning or urethra caused by pelvic inflammatory disease , salpingitis , etc. caused by infertility, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. That woman mycoplasma infection is what ca

Six Ways to Respect Baby's Emotion

1. Understand your babys intention and respect his choice According to the survey, 68.8% parents think that the baby has the right to choose the skills which he likes, because inner interest is the motive power for learning. Step 1 Parents s

Premature ejaculation patient care tips

Many middle-aged men found themselves appeared premature ejaculation phenomenon, medication , there are a blind eye , in short, attitudes vary. So for premature ejaculation , the correct way , what does self-care ? Let 's look at it. Prematu

Poor treatment of male sexual function requires science treatment

Most patients experience sexual dysfunction , may feel overwhelmed. They feel too ashamed to face their loved ones , they are ashamed to face his wife export them powerless to face a happy life , over time , become buried in the depths of th

Natural birth is the main cause of vaginal relaxation do?

Cesarean increasingly popular , in addition to fear of pain , fear of postpartum vaginal relaxation , influence their quality of life is probably also one of the important reasons. Now there are some small husband and wife becomes suspiciou

Hit the child's ass will affect a child's sexual function?

Hit the child's ass will affect a child's sexual function? University of New Hampshire Family Research Laboratory, a new study shows that, subject to spanking or other corporal punishment of children grow up to their problems greatly increas

Will accelerate the aging woman overeating

Women should not eat too full diet, eat too full easily lead to brain metabolism and long-term overeat. A long time, brain cells gradually necrosis due to hypoxia, resulting in dysfunction, and even brain atrophy, causing dementia. Aging is

Breast self-examination of disease

Check for breast disease, there are many ways that a medical examination, and the other is self-examination, while in China, many scholars believe that self-examination is very suitable for Chinese people, then how self-examination of breast

Chinese medicine: the female menstrual life to four bogey

Because women and men's physical characteristics and needs are different, the decision of women to have more in life to be a taboo.

Diet can prevent breast cancer

In all diet-related diseases can be used to prevent breast measures to reduce alcohol intake is the most critical. Alcohol increases estrogen levels, while estrogen levels are too high will result in a lump. In Japan, this low fat-eating cou

four performances of men's penises become age

People will get old. So do mens penises. Mens penises grow old mainly reflect in the following four areas: 1. Change of penis appearance A director, in Sexual Medicine Discipline in one of an American hospital, introduces that in the age of

diet adjustments can prevent prostate cancer

Many male friends around the world are troubled by prostatic disorders, especially prostatitis and prostatic cancer. These diseases are terrible because they are hard to cure and relapse easily. According to a survey, the prostatic cancer ra

you just need a sound sleep for the maintenance of the penis

The notion of nightly penis erections in the medical science refers to the spontaneous erection of penis when men are asleep. Every normal male has this kind of situation. The erection times are different due to ages, physical conditions and

self examination tests for testis on old men

Testicular cancer is not common in the daily life and its incidence only accounts for 1% of all cancers. But according to the statistics from American cancer association, men from 15 to 35-year- old are reluctant to see doctors, even to talk

10 kinds of food help you lose weight and stovepipe

1.Sea sedge Sea sedge contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2. Besides, the mineral substance and the cellulose in it benefit the regulation of body fluid a lot and can help to remove the rubbish and the accumulative water out of the bod

Improve Child's Memory Effectively for ten Parent Child Games

Animal games Purpose: develop memory Play: Mother gets the animal toys together and numbers each animal toy. In the beginning, mother puts each toy stand in its number and please lets baby remember. Then mother picks up the number

To prevent erectile dysfunction and male impotence

In the United States alone there are about 30 million men who suffer from impotence this is certainly a calamity. Men must pay attention, wake up, take charge and follow every possible practice in order to evade the problem of impotence. The

Early symptoms of pregnancy

Heavy breasts, a symptom of pregnancy? Many symptoms may occur early in pregnancy, all related to the surge in sex hormones. The breasts swell, with bulging nipples, which are stained darker and are sometimes covered by small granular swell

Men how to sleep well and healthy?

Men how to sleep well and healthy? First, good habits of falling asleep and getting up on time should be fallen into. Intersection objective law of sleep and awakening should be followed, thus sleep can be stabilized t avoid exhaustion of c

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment of insomnia

Insomnia is a common disease in TCM brain. As early as two thousand years ago, Chinese have an ancient medical books via referred to the disease as insomnia or insomnia. Therefore, Chinese medicine is the earliest known insomnia. The cause o

Acupuncture seven major considerations

If you want to pay attention , here we take a look at seven major considerations when doing acupuncture acupuncture . Acupuncture seven major considerations when 1 , too tired , the spirit of high tension, acupuncture should not be hungry ;

The theory of meridians and collaterals is the core of the science of acupuncture and moxibustion

Examination and syndrome differentiation of meridians The theory of meridians and collaterals is the core of the science of acupuncture and moxibustion. The treatment of diseases with acupuncture and moxibustion is performed under the guidan

Acupuncture treatment of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common disease of the elderly . Among postmenopausal osteoporosis is primary osteoporosis is the most common form , its prevalence rate of 30 % to 50 %. Because of its slow onset, often overlooked , it was called the silent

Seven points for attention during the acupuncture and moxibustion

If you want to pay attention , here we take a look at seven major considerations when doing acupuncture acupuncture . Acupuncture seven major considerations when 1 , too tired , the spirit of high tension, acupuncture should not be hungry ;

Woman: good food to the skin

Mentioned facial, many people think of applied skin protection products first. Actually your skin can be moist and smooth if you eat vegetables and fruits reasonably. According to the research, following foods have esthetic effect. Pea: Comp

Ginkgo biloba treatment of cardiovascular disease

For Humid asthma, asthma, aphonia due to cough, frequent urination, whitish and turbid urine, leucorrhea with red and white discharge, discharging fresh blood stool, scolecodont, rhagadia manus et pedis, ringworm of face, mammary abscess inf

Lingzhi-Anti Cancer Formula

Distributor: Puxing branch, Guilin Jiqi Pharmacy Chain Limited Company For Exhaustion, deficiency, cough, asthma, insomnia, dyspepsia, malignant tumor Features: No toxicity, no chemical ingredients, natural, extracted from herbs, efficiency

Moxibustion therapy introduction

Moxibustion originated from the Chinese ancient times, because of it of mechanism and needle therapy have similar place, and with a needle therapy in full accord treatment effect, usually needle jiu, with so called the acupuncture. Acupunctu

In old people the benefits of practice qigong

1. Practice qigong to slow the aging of the internal organs of the human body Middle-aged organs would start aging into old age or organs disease, one of the main reasons is the blood circulation suffocate. Such as high cholesterol, blood fa

Self-Massage Along Meridians and Acupoints for Losing Weight

Self-massage along meridians and acupoints reduces weight mainly by stimulating local meridians and acupoints to soften and dissipate calories so as to reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and promote the metabolism and consumption of

Acupuncture weight loss lies persist

From obesity are usually poor stomach function, digestion and absorption of imbalance, but also may be associated with high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high uric acid, joint pain, constipation and other diseases, acup

Food treatment: winter eating pork seven major benefits of blood

Nutrient-rich pig's blood, food therapy can stasis, stop bleeding, colon,Winter is the season of nutritional supplements, the benefits of eating pig's blood is also a lot of Chinese medicine, dried pig's blood can cure the blood tuberculosis

Ten kinds of the best food to protect the heart

Kidney bean Kidney bean is a low-fat, high fiber source of protein, it is rich in vitamins and low sugar content, nor contain cholesterol, it is a very food for heart health. Barley Barley also provides us with a lot of minerals and trace

food to help reduce the severity of a cold

To help reduce the severity of a cold, the best foods are those that are packed with beta-carotene, vitamin C and zinc. They boost immunity and help cold symptoms. Especially at this time of year these nutrients can also help you prevent col

Tofu is a traditional Chinese food

Tofu, soya a traditional Chinese food known throughout the world. Tofu is said to originate from the Western Han Dynasty. At that time, Liu An, Emperor Liu Bang's grandson, is eager to learn the immortal magic of art, so he entered the mount

Oolong tea culture

Oolong tea, green tea is also a semi-fermented tea, is a unique and distinct characteristics of Chinese tea varieties. Some people say, invented the tea was named Oolong and therefore the name of the tea. Oolong tea is the development by the

Asthma diet therapy

Fig: fig appropriate, wash Daozhi, half a cup can be. Boiled water a day a time, continuous take, until they have recovered. Used for bronchial asthma. Walnut: Walnut meat 1000g, honey 1000g. Smashed the walnut meat, add honey, shake, fillin

regularly eat peanuts,Prevention to gallstones

Harvard Medical School study suggests: Regular eating peanuts, can not be susceptible to gallstones, and accept lower risk of surgical treatment. Harvard Medical School, a research team of the 43,823 cases of middle-aged men with 12 years of

Dietary treatment of leukemia

Leukemia is a malignant hematologic disease, more common to young people, children are also occur. According to the proliferation of cell types can be divided into myeloid leukemia, lymphocytic leukemia and monocytic leukemia and other types

Often Massage can Longevity

Modern medicine Believe , massage abdomen, abdominal and intestinal smooth muscle increases blood flow to increase the gastrointestinal wall muscle tension and lymphatic system function, so that the secretion of gastrointestinal function of

Drink water science and health care

Any person should drink plenty of water, but water is only in recent years as a health drink only concept. Many countries have also established research institutions, water features, I have many years of involvement in function of water rese

Massage indications

many people care or treatment in order to easily find someone to massage, even to the beauty shop beauty lady stepped back please. As everyone knows, this kind of health care a great danger. In particular the tread law, if used improperly,

Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods

Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods, the principle is the use of mechanical or heating means to expel the air tank, using its negative pressure, adsorption skin, resulting in local small subcutaneous hematoma, which

Foot massage for treatment of female breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the common female malignancy. Mostly occurs in 40 to 60 years before and after menopause women. Its incidence and the female hormone related disorders. To menstrual cramps too early, late menopause, marriage is not e

Specific ways to improve fertility

Specific ways to improve fertility A reasonable weight Improve fertility scientists 1558 young men were investigated. The results showed that , compared with normal-weight men , overweight man's sperm density decreased by 24% ; more seriousl

Normally tea can prevent cataracts

Clinical studies have shown increasingly poor quality of life using the fluorescent easily induced cataracts , especially elderly accelerate the progression of cataracts . In general , the quality of qualified energy-saving lamps and fluores

Specific ways to improve fertility

Specific ways to improve fertility A reasonable weight Improve fertility scientists 1558 young men were investigated. The results showed that , compared with normal-weight men , overweight man's sperm density decreased by 24% ; more seriousl

Diagnostic criteria of cervical erosion

Symptoms: Chronic metritis cervical erosion is the most common disease process local features . Due to the secretion of inflammatory dipping , cervical squamous epithelium , columnar epithelium covering the cervical canal to replace that sho

The reasons for child molar

Hear the children teeth, the parents first thought is: the child is not a stomach worms. Indeed, children with intestinal ascariasis can indeed appear to sleep molar symptoms.

Broccoli prevent stomach cancer

French and U.S. scientists recently discovered that broccoli is not only rich in vitamins and mineral content, and possibly even lead to gastric cancer, Helicobacter pylori kill the magic. At present, although you can use antibiotics to cle

Gestational diabetes healthy eating

Diabetes during pregnancy, there are two cases, one for patients with diabetes before pregnancy, pregnancy, also known as gestational diabetes mellitus. Another way for the emergence or discovery of diabetes before pregnancy, also known as

How to prevent myopia?

Common myopia myopia, also known simply refers to 600 degrees below the low to moderate myopia, a very common childhood disease can be more and can be corrected to normal. The main symptoms are decreased distance vision, near vision is stil

Early stages of pregnancy a common anomaly

Vomiting Unlike most of the pregnancy reaction. Pregnant women, persistent nausea, frequent vomiting, can not eat, obviously weight loss, and consciously generalized weakness. Long-term hunger can cause hypotension, decreased urine output,

Young people how to prevent tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis, also known as tuberculosis, young people prone to a chronic infectious disease. Throughout the year can be the disease, 15-year-old to 35-year-old youth is the high peak age of tuberculosis. Therefore, more young people should

Pediatric Massage Precautions

【Massage environment is quiet, room temperature should be suitable】 At room temperature is too high, the treatment site and surgery in children's hands sweat easily, affecting the way operations; room temperature is too low, then the ch

Appendicitis in children the disease the reasons

Appendicitis commonly known as appendicitis. Cecal appendix is near the head of the worm-like blind prominent tube, located in right lower abdomen, appendicitis is appendiceal inflammation caused due to various reasons, thus occurs abdomina

How to prevent childhood appendicitis?

As the causes of acute appendicitis in children is not clear, in order to avoid baby suffering from appendicitis, his mother from the following aspects to note: Baby diet guide the formation of healthy eating habits, attention to food hygie

Modern women how to care for hair

against fungal infections cause permanent hair loss It is understood that fungi involving the scalp or hair root cause tinea capitis, but the head can cause temporary or permanent alopecia is mainly yellow ringworm, mostly occurs in children

The clinical manifestations of bronchial asthma in children

acute or slow onset, prior to the onset of asthma infants and young children tend to have 1 or 2 days of upper respiratory infection symptoms, including nasal itching, sneezing, flow of clear tears, rubbed my eyes, rubbed his nose and so th

Insomnia is the inability of normal sleep

Insomnia is the inability of normal sleep, described the results obtained from the heart deprived of food or mental disorders. There is enough sleep, shallow sleep and relieve fatigue and flagrant violation of the rehabilitation of physical

Colds are viruses diseases infected the upper respiratory tract

Colds are viruses diseases infected the upper respiratory tract and cold and influenza. They mainly used as nasal congestion and runny nose, sneezing, coughing, aversion manifests ordered cold, fever, headache and pain in general. The commo

Children Asthma

Asthma is a disease manifested clinically by paroxysmal wheezing with shortness of breath, prolonged expiration, wheezing and in severe cases and the inability to stay horizontal. Xiao refers to noise, while Chuan out of breath. The disease

Cold is an exogenous disease frequently encountered in childhood

Cold is an exogenous disease frequently encountered in childhood, caused mainly by exogenous pathogens and clinically by fever, aversion to cold, nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, sneezing and coughing. This term refers to an acute upper

American Ginseng Reduces Blood Sugar

Researchers at St. Michael's Hospital and the University of Toronto have found that American ginseng reduces the levels before meal blood sugar in patients with and without diabetes. The study appears in Archives of Internal Medicine, a pub

Anxiety is a natural reaction

Anxiety is a natural reaction that affects everyone. Activation events, like a job interview, a blind or pregnancy anxiety. Symptoms include anxiety, nervousness and irritability. These feelings can be overwhelming, so that the desire for r

Methods of this medicine for diseases of the throat

Therapeutic methods of this medicine for diseases of the throat Use insufflation on the basis of syndrome differentiation. The drugs are often self-prepared. Pay attention to three points. Select drugs with care and attention to the kind an

tcm tinnitus

Note: Most information in this section requires an understanding of methods of diagnosis and treatment in Chinese medicine and should not be used for the treatment itself. Nous vous recommandons de consulter un acupuncteur agr dans votre rg

Snoring during pregnancy, may mean that diabetes

According to researchers, women who reported frequent snoring during their pregnancy were more likely to develop gestational diabetes, a condition than can cause health problems for the mother and baby. The study also found pregnancy increa

egg increases the risk of developing diabetes

Starting the day with an egg breakfast instead of another food with the same calorie count is more likely to lead to weight loss in overweight people, suggests new research. Eggs are well known to have a 50 per cent higher satiety index tha

Digestive Problems: TCM Tells You

Excessive burping, belching, acid reflux, abdominal bloating and embarrassing wind are all signs that not all is well with your digestive system. Drugs to treat indigestion and acid reflux are amongst the largest money spinners for drug companies.

Snooze may be diabetes

Diabetics prone to lethargy , mainly because of diabetic patients with metabolic disorders , blood sugar can not be the body ( such as brain tissue ) fully utilized, resulting in elevated blood sugar, a lot of sugar in the urine , can cause

Gastric five kinds of alarm signals

1 , upper abdominal pain : This is the most common symptoms of stomach cancer. Began intermittent dull pain , often diagnosed as gastritis or ulcer disease. 2 , upper abdominal discomfort : mostly a sense of fullness or burning sensation. Ca

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods

Chinese description of the tree in disease. Conditions so that the patient's acupuncture is one of the branch. Other departments and other signs and symptoms of the condition. The fundamental reason, the disease itself, is a major source of

TCM diagnostic methods

TCM Diagnosis The human body is an organic whole, local pathological changes may affect the body. In addition, the pathological changes of internal organs may be reflected in the body surface. The diagnostic methods of traditional Chinese me

Syndrome Differentiation And treatment For Arrhythmia

The disease is clinically divided into the five syndromes of deficiency of qi and blood, excessive fire due to yin deficiency, deficiency of the heart yang, obstruction of the heart blood as well as heart disturbance due to phlegm and fire.

Syndrome Differentiation Common Disease:The Nasosinusitis

Nasal obstruction with whitish and thick nasal dis-charge, hyposmia, or accompanied by dizziness, cold body and limbs, shortness of breath and weakness, light-col-ored tongue with thin fur as well as weak and slow pulse if there is asthenia-cold in pu

Chinese medicine fights diabetes, obesity

Berberine, a bitter-tasting yellow chemical found in some roots and barks, has been documented in Chinese literature as being able to lower glucose levels in diabetics. To investigate its reported glucose-lowering effects, an international team examin


Pulse Diagnosis: Whereas Western doctors locate one pulse on the radial artery in the wrist, a practitioner of TCM feels for six pulses in each wrist: three superficial and three deep at specific points along the radial artery. The twelve pulses corr

Diet and Exercise May Not Be Enough to Lose Weight

What if weight loss success had to do with each individual person? Scientists now believe that each individual has a genetically determined weight range. This may be why some people can fast and skip meals without losing any weight. By doing these two

Headaches and migraines Treatment

Headaches Almost everyone has experienced a headache at one time or another.In fact, about 90% of people will have a headache within one year and 99% of people will have a headache in their lifetime.

How Chinese Medicine Diagnoses Depression

Psychiatric Drug Therapy Controlling depression with pharmaceuticals usually requires weeks or months of experimentation with various drugs at different dosages.Chinese herbal medicine, properly practiced, does not cause side-effects and so may ultim

Prostatic Hyperplasia in TCM

Enlarged prostate, also known as prostatic hyperplasia, is a very common disease that occurs in old male patients. Generally, this disease is considered to be associated with disruption of sex hormones. The main events are uroschesis and difficulty of

six Kinds drugs and food Protecting the liver

1, wet muddy resistance-type Patients v. pale mouth, abdominal distention, edema, sleepy, tongue Baini for wet evil troubled symptoms. Food should light, avoidance of sweet, greasy. Optional spleen wet grounds, appetizers of therapeutic sid

Fat-free Milk May Help Ease Hypertension

Women who drank more fat free milk and had higher intakes of calcium and vitamin D from foods, and not supplements, tended to have a lower risk for developing hypertension or high blood pressure, according to a new study published in the American Hear

Asthma Natural Remedies With No Side Effects

There are many causes of asthma and each person can have different asthma attack triggers. So, each person may need to use a different medical approach and different asthma natural remedies.

Massage and Back pain

Having a massage is great way of relaxing muscles and soothing pain a massage helps to improve blood circulation and increase levels of endorphin which helps you to feel good.

Upper Back Pain - 4 Tips To Eliminate Your Pain

Upper back pain is caused not only by the regular causes of back pain in general. It is also caused through the constant and prolonged sitting at your desk, stress (you have heard the saying "stress rides on your shoulders") and poor postures.

Message for Depressed Patients: Try, Try Again

Many depressed patients who didnt get better on one medicine were able to overcome their crushing dark spells with another, according to the largest study ever of treatments for Americas top mental health problem.

Five snake wine in tcm

Formula: 25 grams Acutobin, 25 grams of Bungarus fasciatus, Bungarus multicinctus 50 grams, 100 grams Zaocys, Cobra 50 grams, 50 grams tetrandrine, 120 grams to make foreign flowers, 50 grams of Schefflera arboricola Hayata, Photinia Goto 25 grams, 5

Cacumen Platycladi liquor in tcm

Production Methods: Liquor Cacumen Platycladi home, soak 10 days leaching liquid, reserve bottling. Efficacy and indications: indications alopecia areata, hair loss and other neurological.

Cordyceps wine in Tcm

This product is rich in a variety of amino acids and trace elements, cordycepin, Cordyceps acid, Cordyceps Polysaccharide; it can increase the immune system cells, the number of organizations, and promote antibody production, increased phagocytosis, t

Honey Wine in tcm

honey wine in the Western Zhou Dynasty before the feast of weeks Youtong palace, after the experience on behalf of refining processing. Effectiveness as a function of wine, and its function in the ancient text of the tribute in letters shown. In nutr

Prostatic Hyperplasia in TCM

Enlarged prostate, also known as prostatic hyperplasia, is a very common disease that occurs in old male patients. Generally, this disease is considered to be associated with disruption of sex hormones. The main events are uroschesis and difficulty of

Acupuncture prescription sore throat

:: Sore Throat of Excess of Heat :: Main Manifestations Abrupt onset with swelling pain in the throat, chills, fever, headache, thirst, constipation, tongue is red, tongue coating is thin and yellow, superficial and rapid pulse.

Tea can prevent cancer

First, how tea anti-cancer An anti-cancer effect of green tea Some researches proved that no matter what kind of tea, chemical carcinogenicity in experimental animals or metastatic tumors, have varying degrees of control effect. Either endo

Running can relieve mood swings

Running can relieve mood swings Feeling down Psychologists say we can for a run this sentence , or have some reason. Most were low because of lack of exercise, but running is an aerobic exercise , in addition to some exercise outside, but a

The study found that poor sleep quality affect the old memory

Researchers recently found that due to the brain caused by the recession grow older , making the elderly decreased sleep quality , resulting in their memory weakened. The researchers believe that by stimulating the appropriate regions of the

Old people in the poor quality of sleep can lead to joint pain

Osteoarthritis, articular cartilage degenerative diseases due to wear , aging is usually the most important factor. However , aging is not the only factor. Other factors such as physiological factors, psychological factors and certain lifest

American Heart Association guidelines for stroke prevention was first released women

Stroke terrible, not only because the incidence was critical , as well as paralysis , language, disability and a series of irreversible sequelae. However, many people believe that stroke often only with potbellied , wine left hand smoke succ

Traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health to teach you how to slow the aging

Ageing is the natural law of normal human vital activities. Reasonable health preservation measures may delay the occurrence of physiological ageing, block the progress of pathological ageing so as to prolong human life span. Premature agein

Man adaptation to nature

believe that people have with the universe, all the important activities and nature are closely related to each other to keep man and nature should be at any time, any place harmony. This is a people's thinking about adaptation and natural.

Life and life span

Chinese classic Huang Di Nei Jing, or organs that the life of the Qi ( Qi including those in the areas of classical philosophy, referring to the basic elements of form everything in the world). Balance and on the human body as a whole theory

Section 3 Bronchial Asthma

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that bronchial asthma is caused by failure of the pulmonary qi to be cleansed and flow due to invasion of exogenous wind-cold into the lung or an accumulation of phlegm-dampness in the lung. Bronchial asthma may also

Section 2 Headache

A headache can be both a common individual symptom and a prime indicator of various acute and chronic diseases. Headaches can have many causes. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the head is the region where all the yang meridians converge

Older person should not eat anything before sleeping

1. The Older person should not drink strong tea and coffee before sleeping, because strong tea and coffee are all belonging to stimulating beverages, which contain caffeine that would let the person’s mind stay at excited states. It is easy to cause

See teeth to determine whether health

Sparse teeth or exposed tooth root may Shenqi loss. Teeth with the most closely related to kidney, so if a person is a bad tooth development, usually not a good kidney. Sparse, such as adult teeth, exposed tooth root, or with whitish gums bleeding, te

Someone eat Bananas, constipation is more serious

A lot of people with constipation, many would have thought that eating bananas purge. However, although there is purge the effect of the banana, but not for all the people with constipation will have a very good laxative effect. Chinese medicine pract